How Scorpion Software Saved $100k a Year with Telerik Test Studio

For a company selling security, system quality is not optional – it’s the core of the business. Scorpion Software needed a highly capable automated testing system which was easy to use, could provide rich data and integrate with existing infrastructure.

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Scorpion Software Case Study


With three product lines and multiple platforms to support, Scorpion Software knew that rigorous quality assurance could only be delivered by an automated testing system.


Scorpion Software evaluated several testing products. They chose Test Studio by Telerik and they built a custom testing platform around Test Studio.


Scorpion Software saw a $75-100,000 saving in the first year while testing three times the volume of code they were testing just two years before.


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With three product lines and multiple platforms to support, Scorpion Software knew that rigorous quality assurance could only be delivered by an automated testing system.

“My goal will always be to automate as much as we can,” says Dana. “Automation has been instrumental in increasing our product quality by maintaining a constant, consistent testing process.”

As a fast-growing company, Scorpion Software’s needs were rapidly increasing, and their legacy testing system was unable to keep pace.

“The product we were using simply wasn’t capable of doing web testing across so many browsers while also maintaining WPF testing in the same project. We needed a single product that could do it all. The time saved in not having to use two different products was a motivating factor. So was the cost.”


Scorpion Software evaluated several testing products, and they chose Test Studio by Telerik. Scorpion Software built a custom testing platform around Test Studio. Running overnight, the platform automatically spins up clean virtual machines for all the operating systems the company targets. It installs Scorpion Software products on the virtual machines and runs Test Studio tests on them. Results are reported to a dashboard where staff can view them first thing in the morning.

“All of this happens without any human interaction. Because of Test Studio’s comprehensive results, we can be confident that our software is bug-free against our known tests when our Test Lists pass, and if they don’t pass, we know where the failure occurred and respond to it accordingly.”

Test Studio’s extensibility was central to building the system. Test Studio integrates C# code into the tests themselves, allowing Scorpion Software to customize the testing environment with C# utility classes.

“Test Studio allows us to build tests we could not have performed before, such as tests involving dynamic content and complex data sources. My team has been able to construct additional utilities to extend and expand Test Studio’s capabilities to locate dynamic elements on the page and dynamically generate/assign data sources without needing to have highly redundant data files.”


For the QA team, getting started with Test Studio was easy. Even building complex tests in Test Studio is quick and easy. When tests are complete, the output enables the QA team to quick identify when and how problems have arisen.

“Our favourite feature of Test Studio is its logging, and the most useful data is the comprehensive tree-view of Test List execution that lets us drill down to see which step failed. When the results are not quite specific enough, we’ve been finding the screen-captures of failures very helpful in determining where issues are arising. We can determine exactly how to reproduce the problem and report this to the developers so they can determine where in the code things are going wrong.“

Scorpion Software did not expect to save money in the first year of their Test Studio deployment.

“However, now that it has been integrated we find that our staffing needs have lessened, saving us around $75K to $100K this year when you consider the fully burdened cost of the people involved.“

Test Studio has not only helped keep costs down. Productivity in the QA department has increased dramatically, and this benefited the entire development process.

Scorpio Software decided to stay with Test Studio because of its simplicity and authoring use.

Scorpion Software

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