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BAYOOTEC Delivers Integrated Digital Transformation UX 15% Faster with Kendo UI

BAYOONET AG is a leading software development company that develops software applications in the medical and enterprise sectors. BAYOOTEC, its Enterprise Software division, specializes in the development of CMS-based digital platforms, marketplaces, e-commerce portals and complex state-of-the-art business software solutions. We support large enterprises in the strategic and operational digitalization of their business models. 
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Data is instrumental in digital transformation: product and sales information power the customer experience and consumer data drives business growth. Organizations use different tools—from CRM to marketing automation to procurement and billing software—to capture, store and analyze the data in order to manage and customize the purchasing process and optimize it for profitability.

But data from these tools doesn’t always speak to each other, and connecting them is a painful and time-consuming challenge for organizations. “Whether it’s for budget or retail planning, still today, big enterprises default to exporting large data from different sources and then manually manipulate it in Excel to upload it elsewhere to gain the insight they need,” says Ekaterina Ruzhekova, COO of BAYOOTEC.

BAYOOTEC is a software company that helps more than 800 organizations digitalize and streamline their operations. They create custom solutions to fill in the missing link between the different tools and data sources: “We build consumer-facing e-commerce and digitalization portals and connect them to the systems that our customers already have in place, while at the same time helping them automate internal processes,” Ruzhekova explains.

Unifying the experience both on the frontend and internally for BAYOOTEC customers was no small task: “Change is hard within big corporations and sometimes met with resistance,” explained Ruzhekova. She understood the importance of building exceptionally intuitive, easy-to-use solutions for their customers. “While our engineers are very data or process-oriented, our customers aren’t always tech-savvy—I had to make sure that our solutions not only save resources and reduce errors, but also look and feel great.”


BAYOOTEC needed a comprehensive UI toolbox that would enable them to quickly build and easily customize functional, visually appealing applications for a large number of clients. The team chose Progress® Kendo UI® for Angular as it offered them a solid base and an opportunity to progressively standardize their tools as the business grew.

“We don't do only one project per customer, so it’s critical for us to be able to provide a smooth experience within and across the different applications that we deliver to the same customer,” said Ruzhekova.” With Kendo UI for Angular, we built a solution that we can reuse and extend so not to start from scratch every time and more importantly—so customers know exactly what to expect when they switch between the different applications.”

Since the applications BAYOOTEC builds are data-heavy, the most reusable and versatile component lodged in every single project without fail was the Kendo UI Data Grid. With out-of-the-box paging, filtering and exporting capabilities, the Grid enabled the team to display voluminous data without worrying about performance or presentation:

“A B2B solution that handles hundreds of thousands of products with different prices gets complex rather fast. But with Kendo UI for Angular, it’s so much easier to visualize the data, make it be filterable, searchable and exportable.”

Customization was another critical Kendo UI for Angular capability that Ruzhekova’s team leveraged to effortlessly meet their customers’ style requirements. The interactive component demos also aided project negotiations as they conveniently substituted the necessity to create a PoC: “In discussions with customers, we go to the demo site and click through all settings to show them what's possible,” Ruzhekova explained. “It tremendously helps customers visualize exactly what they can expect from the final product."

Finally, Kendo UI for Angular provided BAYOOTEC’s team the confidence that customer handoffs would be seamless. As Ruzhekova explained, “Bigger enterprises come with strict protocols about what you can install, how the application is hosted and accessed. Not having to deploy and validate the Kendo UI libraries to the server is extremely helpful to justify them internally.”


Kendo UI for Angular helped BAYOOTEC cut frontend development time by 15%. “We are able to move faster and needed less human resources, which significantly reduces our overall costs,” said Ruzhekova.

According to her, using Kendo UI for Angular also saved costs for their customers because of how easy the applications’ UI was to introduce. “Kendo UI for Angular’s interface is so intuitively self-explanatory, which lowers the threshold to roll out the new software within the organization, saving them months of training,” Ruzhekova said.

“And customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” she added. “While we’ve helped them transition to a more effective way of working, Kendo UI for Angular has made the digitalization of their workflow exceptionally pain-free.”

By standardizing their UI library, BAYOOTEC was able to not only increase customer satisfaction, but also scale their business. As Ruzhekova put it, “Thanks to Kendo UI for Angular, we've managed to make space for more projects and retain existing customers because they are confident we will deliver a consistent frontend experience across all their applications.”

Thanks to Kendo UI for Angular, we've managed to make space for more projects and retain existing customers because they are confident we will deliver a consistent frontend experience across all their applications.

Ekaterina Ruzhekova


Industry: Technology, Software Solutions

BAYOONET AG is a leading software development company that develops software applications in the medical and enterprise sectors.


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