Telerik Test Studio

Reuse and Maintain with Minimal Effort

Enjoy the most powerful and flexible find logic for even the trickiest elements, all stored in a centralized repository. Record once and playback continuously across multiple browsers and environments. Easily debug tests and fix issues using the Visual Debugger and information from execution log.

  • Adopt Test Studio Seamlessly

    Test Studio will get you quickly up to speed with point-and-click interface, element annotations and intuitive UX. Arm the team with a tool that keeps pace with the speed and flexibility of the Agile process and existing CI/CD infrastructure.

  • Update Once, Apply All

    Easily update multiple tests at once using the Intelligent Element Locator and Shared Element Repository. Avoid duplication and reduce maintenance by reusing elements, steps, tests and code. Track changes in Test Studio with out-of-the-box TFS and Git integration.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Get comprehensive timely reports with manual and automated test execution results. Publish substantial feedback for bugs and regressions to allow developers to fix them before the next release.

  • Better Transparency

    Increase transparency on the status of the application under test by sharing execution results. Easily communicate status to your management and development teams by exporting results in different formats.


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