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Release History

Test Studio R1 2020

March 31, 2020

Test Studio R1 2020(v. 2020.1.331)


  • Executive Dashboard Reports. You can create, review and share custom automation result reports.

  • Web components such as "Shadow DOM" are now supported. There is a new option in Project Settings to control this behavior. Here is the complete list of supported web components:
  • https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Web_Components

  • UX changes. Better usability and quality of life improvements in Test Studio's main IDE. The 'Welcome Screen', IDE 'Ribbon' and 'Project' explorer have been improved for faster end user interactions.

  • Browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Edge Chromium have been updated.

  • Salesforce apps using 'Shadow DOM' as underlying technology are now supported.

  • Scheduling Setup UI improvements. The status of the connected Storage Service is displayed when applying new configuration.


  • Scheduling: Exception during remote execution in ArtOfTest.Runner.exe with dialog handling.

  • Browsers: Firefox process not being killed if you abort test quick execution

  • Browsers: 'Delete Cookie' not working in Chrome and Firefox

  • Dialogs: Log-on dialog is not handled in new FF73

  • Dialogs: Dialog handling steps are failing if you execute "From Here" and "Run Selected" against a Test as Step

  • Dialogs: Download dialog in Internet Explorer does not close 'Download completed' footer

  • Dialogs: Unexpected dialogs not being handled in Chrome during test list execution

  • Recording: Highlight with JS Recorders does not work properly in some specific site

  • Recording: Recording dialogs in JS browsers after "Run to here" is not working

  • Recording: Some in project elements are not created as expected for specific DOM objects when using the step builder in the recorder

  • Recording: Recording of drag and drop actions is not working in IE

  • Recording: Internet explorer dialog recording will stop working after you close a pop-up

  • Executive Dashboard: Added ability to resize column size for individual test list run results

  • Executive Dashboard: Results Rerun status is wrong - shows IsPassed value

  • Execution: Generic HTML table verify 'columnsCount' compare type 'GreaterThan' or 'LessThan' is not working

  • Scheduling: Automatic upload to storage does not respect scheduled list content

  • Scheduling: Scheduler configuration crashing if you give it a location with no storage server for executive dashboard storage

  • ProjectExplorer: Deleting folder with test in it which was added from windows explorer crashes Test Studio

  • ProjectExplorer: Deleting all tests while some element is "Open for edit" does not close the element's document

  • TestExplorer: Drag and drop steps cannot be deleted if created from Step Builder

  • StepFailureDetails: Resolve Failure tab is shrunk in some environments

  • VisualStudio: New tests and test lists not being immediately loaded in the VisualStudio 2019 v.16.5 test explorer after build

  • Translators: Enhanced KendoListBox (jQuery) translator. Added count of list items('li') and count of selected items

  • Translators: Recording of KendoTreeView (jQuery) nodeSelect is not working

  • Translators: KendoWindow (jQuery) 'isMaximized' does not work

  • Translators: KendoTreeNode (jQuery) actions and verification are not available if the tree node is part of PanelBar

  • Translators: KendoListView (jQuery) now has select by index as an option

  • Translators: KendoListView (jQuery) added friendly exception when you attempt to select item where selection is not allowed

  • Translators: KendoListBox (jQuery) recorder will create wrong search query for selected item

  • Translators: KendoListBox (jQuery) step should have 'SelectionType' exposed in the in-line properties of the step

  • Translators: KendoDropDownList (jQuery) 'select' action is not recorded

  • Translators: KendoGrid (jQuery) clicks on 0 column cells are recorded wrong

  • Translators: KendoGrid (jQuery) action steps will not record images

  • Translators: KendoInput (jQuery) text is entered in the wrong element if you have more than one instance in the same page

  • Translators: KendoInput (jQuery) runtime input in auto complete box will fail

  • Translators: KendoInput (jQuery) set text step will not work if the input element has focus and active cursor

  • Translators: KendoInput (jQuery) step not working as expected for 'DateInput' type

  • Translators: Kendo NumericTextBox (jQuery) incremental increase of numeric value by button click will record toggle

  • Translators: FilterMenu (jQuery) toggle action records step with the wrong description

  • Translators: FilterMenu (jQuery) crashing Test Studio if opened while highlighting is enabled

  • Translators: Verification in Blazor Time Picker will fail if there is Cyrillic in the DateTime

  • Translators: TelerikBlazorDateInput value will always return 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM no matter what the actual value is

  • Translators: Blazor Date type controls will fail in execution

  • Translators: Blazor grid is not recognized during recording

  • Test Studio for APIs: JSON 'isEqual' verification always returns 'false'

  • Test Studio for APIs: Crashes in some verification cases


  • UI Split: Separate start-ups for Test Studio and Test Studio for APIs. Desktop shortcuts and welcome screens are now different.

  • All delete buttons in product are now changed to trash bin icons

  • MongoDB: The minimum required version of MongoDB Server is now 3.6. A detailed upgrade guide could be found here: https://docs.telerik.com/teststudio/knowledge-base/scheduling-kb/upgrade-to-mongo-4-0

  • Important Notification Regarding Mobile Testing Discontinuation: After thoughtful consideration and based on user feedback, we’ve decided to revise our approach to mobile testing and shift away from the native/hybrid app focus by discontinuing our Mobile testing solution in its current state. You can read more here.

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