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Recently I get this error when filling in something in a textbox in chrome. Does anybody have a glue why and how to solve this.

ExecuteCommand failed!
InError set by the client. Client Error:
Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because 'unsafe-eval' is not an allowed source of script in the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src https: 'unsafe-inline'".

BrowserCommand (Type:'Action',Info:'NotSet',Action:'InvokeJsFunction',Target:'ElementId (tagName: '',occurrenceIndex: '-1')',Data:'document.getElementsByTagName('input')[0].focus()',ClientId:'e0aa945a-25fb-49b3-83a5-e4b7da4f60bb',HasFrames:'False',FramesInfo:'',TargetFrameIndex:'-1',InError:'True',Response:'Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript because 'unsafe-eval' is not an allowed source of script in the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src https: 'unsafe-inline'".
InnerException: none.


Telerik team
 answered on 15 Apr 2021
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Is it possible to make a custom coded testing step that iterates the current webpage DOM, finds all of the date fields and types in a date?


I am a C# coder but not that familiar with the object model of test studio so I could use a little starter code.



Plamen Mitrev
Telerik team
 answered on 15 Apr 2021
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Hi Guys,

I am getting this error when I run convert recorded steps to Code.

Please refer video.


Code :

  Actions.SetText(Pages.Time2Work.TbUsernameEmail, "AutoCycle");


Failure Information: 
Exception thrown executing coded step: 'Enter text 'AutoCycle' in 'TbUsernameEmail''.
System.ArgumentException: Invalid input type 'Text' for this control. Control was expecting 'Email'
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Controls.Control.CreateInstance[TControl](Element e, Boolean throwIfNull)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.ObjectModel.Element.As[TControl]()
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.TestTemplates.HtmlElementContainer.Get[TControl](HtmlFindExpression expr)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.TestTemplates.HtmlElementContainer.Get[TControl](String[] clauses)
   at WebTest.Pages.Time2WorkPage.get_TbUsernameEmail() in c:\Dev\OnTime\Scheduler\WebTests\System Regression\Pages.g.cs:line 364
   at WebTest.Login_Employee_User.Login_Employee_User_CodedStep3() in c:\Dev\OnTime\Scheduler\WebTests\System Regression\03_User Tests\Login Employee User.tstest.cs:line 148
Plamen Mitrev
Telerik team
 answered on 14 Apr 2021
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I have a question related to running a specific test case in the test list to run on a specific browser.
I have two test cases.
     A) Loads the website.
     B) Loads the website.
I want to add both of them to the Test List and would like testcase A to be executed on Chrome and IE (both) but testcase B to be executed only on IE.
Current Configuration:
Under Projects:
Test Case A --> Properties "BrowserType" --> NotSet
Test Case B --> Properties "BrowserType" -->InternetExplorer
TestLists --> Properties, "Browser" --> NotSet; "ExecutingBrowsers" --> IE, and Chrome
With my current Config, Test Studio does the following

Open IE --> Run testcase A and B,
then Open Chrome --> Run testcase A, Opens IE (Again) --> Runs testcase B

Thus, I am looking a way to tell Test Studio, that if the browser does not match then please ignore the testcase in the testlist.

Please let me know if this is achievable.


Telerik team
 answered on 08 Apr 2021
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I try to associate a test created in Telerik Test Studio project to TFS test case but I get the error (on the picture)

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019
Version 16.9.3

Test Studio version 2020.2.804.0

How can I fix the problem?

Telerik team
 answered on 08 Apr 2021
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Hi Guys,
I am really stuck with configuring execution server so I hope I will find a solution here.

Detailed explanation of Issue : 

I have some automated tests in Telerik Test Studio. This is What I want to achieve :  It should execute all Tests from [TestList] every Morning and send results on my email.For This,
1. I have created TestList.
2. Click on Schedule TestList in the Scheduling ribbon
 Step 1.Selected Date and Time for TestList Execution
 Step 2.Select Machine to execute the TestList.
 (Here is the Problem 1.0)It does not show anything to select. (screenshot)
  This link : says to add an execution server.
  So I followed this link 
  Mongo Db, Telerik Storage Service and Telerik Scheduling Service is running as per screenshot.
  Now to configure execution server, I went to Windows Start Menu > Start Execution Server -> click the Test Studio icon in the Windows Task Bar and click Show. (Problem 1.1) Test Studio Test runner window is blank as per screenshot. Any idea?? 
  I am very far from achieving my goal. Need help! Thank you so much in advance!

Plamen Mitrev
Telerik team
 answered on 30 Mar 2021
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I am using Telerik Test Studio to record automated regression tests for our web app. We have to support IE11 still. When generating a report you click a continue button and wait several minutes at times for a dialog box to display. I am attaching an image of it. Even though it says Internet Explorer as the title I think it is a Windows Dialog. I need to wait for it to appear, Then click on the open button to cause it to disappear. I can a c# coder so writing a coded step is not an issue but all the samples I have seen so not address this kind of dialog. I have tried the following code but it seems to not find the dialog when it appears.

        [CodedStep(@"New Coded Step")]
        public void SPOT_Deploy_OVR_Rpt_CodedStep()
            GenericDialog SecurityWarningDialog = new GenericDialog(ActiveBrowser, "Internet Explorer", "Open", true);  // Click on the Open button


            //Click the link that launches the security dialog



 Pardon me for drawing a blue line over the image. It was an accident when I captured it.

Please help!!!!

Plamen Mitrev
Telerik team
 answered on 25 Mar 2021
2 answers


I'm currently using Test Studio Version 2016.3.928.0 to test an ASP.NET Web Application. My test goes to my published application and a prompt is immediately prompted when the URL is hit to get the user's username and password. In Chrome, Edge, and Firefox the test runs fine when I do a navigation step and then deal with the dialog in the next step. In IE (version: 11.1770.14393.0), however, the test fails at the navigation step with the following information in the log: 

Overall Result: Fail
'10/11/2017 6:43:31 PM' - Executing test: 'Internet Explorer', path: 'Internet Explorer.tstest.'
'10/11/2017 6:43:31 PM' - Using .Net Runtime version: '4.0.30319.42000' for test execution. Build version is '2016.3.928.0'.
'10/11/2017 6:43:33 PM' - Using 'InternetExplorer' version '11.0' as default browser. 
'10/11/2017 6:43:34 PM' - LOG: Unexpected dialog encountered. Taking no action.
'10/11/2017 6:44:34 PM' - 'Fail' : 1. Navigate '/'
Failure Information: 
Wait for condition has timed out
System.TimeoutException: Wait for condition has timed out
   at ArtOfTest.Common.WaitSync.CheckResult(WaitSync wait, String extraExceptionInfo, Object target)
   at ArtOfTest.Common.WaitSync.For[T](Predicate`1 predicate, T target, Boolean invertCondition, Int32 timeout, WaitResultType errorResultType)
   at ArtOfTest.Common.WaitSync.For[T](Predicate`1 predicate, T target, Boolean invertCondition, Int32 timeout)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Browser.WaitUntilReady()
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Browser.ExecuteCommand(BrowserCommand request, Boolean performDomRefresh, Boolean waitUntilReady)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Browser.ExecuteCommand(BrowserCommand request)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Browser.InternalNavigateTo(Uri uri, Boolean useDecodedUrl)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Browser.NavigateTo(Uri uri, Boolean useDecodedUrl)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.Browser.NavigateTo(String url, Boolean useDecodedUrl)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.IntrinsicTranslators.Descriptors.NavigateToActionDescriptor.Execute(Browser browser)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Extensibility.HtmlActionDescriptor.Execute(IAutomationHost autoHost)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionEngine.ExecuteStep(Int32 order)
'10/11/2017 6:44:34 PM' - Detected a failure. Step is marked 'ContinueOnFailure=False' aborting test execution.
'10/11/2017 6:44:34 PM' - Overall Result: Fail
'10/11/2017 6:44:34 PM' - Duration: [1 min: 0 sec: 296 msec]
'10/11/2017 6:44:57 PM' - Test completed!


I see that it detected the logon dialog, but it says it's timed out waiting for a condition. I'm not sure what condition it's expecting to since it did go to the proper URL. Nor am I sure how to find a workaround. In the other browsers I just set the BaseURL to my application URL and did the NavigationURL as '/' and the step didn't fail in the other browsers, but it still fails in IE.  I've recalibrated my browser and ran updates on Windows 10 and it hasn't had any impact on this error. 



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 answered on 24 Mar 2021
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Are there plans to support the new headless mode in Chrome?
Telerik team
 answered on 12 Mar 2021
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We are using Telerik test framework for our application to perform Ui test. We would like to automate these tests in our CI Pipline. Currently we use Bamboo for this purpose but want to switch to GitLab. Therefore I wanted to ask if there is also a possibility to make the integartion with Gitlab and if there are possibly plugins available?

thanks in advance


Best regards



Plamen Mitrev
Telerik team
 answered on 25 Feb 2021