The One Critical Factor for 
UI Test Automation Success

Free Webinar, December 4, 11:00 AM ET
ui test automation

Why Do Test Automation Projects
Succeed or Fail?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be successful in the field of UI test automation? This webinar, moderated by two of the mavens in the testing field: Jim Holmes and Jim Evans, focuses on the key factors for test automation success or failure. 


Jim Holmes

VP of ALM and Testing at Falafel Software

Jim has worked with organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. He’s been in many different environments but greatly prefers those adopting practices from Lean and Agile communities.

Jim Evans

QA Developer, and Selenium contributor

Jim Evans’ experience includes 12 years at Microsoft and 7 years as a Senior QA Engineer at Numara Software. He’s been at since early 2012. He started working with WebDriver and Selenium in 2009, and rewriting the Internet Explorer driver in late 2010.

This discussion panel was inspired by a recent industry survey that we conducted among more than 900 IT professionals, asking them about first steps in the UI test automation field.



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