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The folks from Telerik Sitefinity team just blogged about testing the Sitefinity modules with WebUI Test Studio. There are several important facts I’d like to point you to:

- You can automate the testing of all the elements on the page in any ASP.NET Web application with WebUI Test Studio. Sitefinity CMS is an excellent example as its modules often contain quite complex pages.

- Although we often highlight the RadControls Translators we add as the third component of the test studio, the product is not limited to testing of RadControls-based applications at all. For example such small but sometimes important verifications as any element CSS class values are quite easy to accomplish with the help of the large set of product features. In this case the “Sentence Verification Builder” dialog (you can open via the context menu “Verification” option) is used:


For anyone not familiar with the feature please take a look at this video on Telerik TV.

Get ready for more news on the WebUI Test Studio on this blog. We can hopefully surprise you with some really great news soon!



Konstantin Petkov, Telerik


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