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Service Pack 1 of WebUI Test Studio 2010 Q1 is now available in the Telerik client accounts. The official update includes some cool new features, important bug fixes and a lot of improvements. We recommend it to everyone interested in automation of HTML and Silverlight applications!

As always the new release enhancements concern all the Automated Testing Tools. Let me highlight some of the important additions.

TestExplorer: Run To Selected Step

This feature has been requested quite a lot so we have now added it with the Service Pack. To use it just:

- Select a step in the Test Explorer.

- Right-click and choose the “Run To Here” option.



How does it work? This option will:

- Launch the browser.

- Execute your test till the selected step (inclusive).

- Turn on the recorder.

Now you can continue recording from that browser state. Each new test step will be added right next to the selected one.

The Service Pack also adds some other TestExplorer improvements like the ability to highlight the element in the browser from the test explorer.

Support for Silverlight ChildWindows and Popups

Another highly requested feature comes with the Service Pack. Due to the nature of the ChildWindow and Popups in Silverlight, our test automation tools were unable to record and automate some popups there. We introduce a new assembly (PopupTracker) exposing API to track those popups when created. I will provide more details on this specific feature in a separate blogpost.

Common Improvements

There are a number of other improvements concerning all the products as well. Here is a brief summary:

- The IFrame recording and execution has been enhanced.

- There are various improvements in Silverlight recording.

- Optimizations in the HTML test execution.

- A couple of updates of the DOM Explorer are in too.

- We’ve got customer reports for localization bugs (non-English OS). These are resolved as well.

QA Edition Updates

This official release introduced a lot of improvements in the WebUI Test Studio QA Edition. Let me highlight some of them:

- Optimized Project loading. This is especially important for those already running large projects.

- TestLists updates: The Dynamic TestLists got a major boost with this release. I’d focus on that in a separate post. There are bug fixes and UI improvements there as well (TestList Builder).

- ResultViewer: a number of bug fixes and improvements concerning the run results are in.

- Various UI updates (dialogs, etc).

The RadControls Translators (both AJAX and Silverlight) are updated as well. The complete list of changes is available here:

WebUI Test Studio 2010 Q1 Service Pack 1 Release Notes






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