As 2013 is closed out and we move into the new year, it’s worthwhile going back a year and taking a look at some of the advances we’ve made in automated testing with Test Studio.  Here are  thirteen things that were noteworthy about Test Studio in 2013:

We let you capture HTTP traffic directly with Fiddler, and bring that into Test Studio as an important part of your test scripts.  We continue to develop Fiddler to provide testers and other IT professionals with the best tools for capturing, analyzing, and using HTTP traffic.

Colleague Jim Holmes presents five things he likes about Test Studio in five minutes.

Test Studio storyboards help you document your test cases and give you a picture of test case flow.

Did I mention that we integrate with Visual Studio

Telerik brings together testing leadership to help build the testing community and exchange ideas on advancing the profession. 

Did you know that we offer a free testing framework for test automation? 

Test Studio offers not only cross-browser test execution, but also cross-browser recording of test scripts. 

Test Studio offers distributed load testing, letting you run load tests from different computers to simulate traffic from different geographic locations.

Test Studio 2013 R1 included cross-browser recording, new scheduling and execution infrastructure, load testing enhancements, a new user interface, and better overall performance.

And here are ten things colleague Steve Vore thinks you’ll love about Test Studio.

Test Studio was named a visionary product in Gartner’s 2013 Magic Quadrant on test automation, its first appearance in this analysis.

Test Studio 2013 R2 lets you build test scripts from iOS and Android mobile phones as a part of its load testing capabilities.

Test Studio 2013 R2 makes it possible to load test Web services and filter out any extraneous traffic.

It will only get better in 2014.  In particular, look for further advances in mobile testing, test case management, and load testing over the coming year.  We think you’ll be amazed.  And if you haven’t already done so, check out the new Test Studio 2013 R2 by downloading a free trial.  Have a great and productive New Year!

Peter Varhol

About the author

Peter Varhol

Peter Varhol

is an Evangelist for Telerik’s TestStudio. He’s been a software developer and software product manager, technology journalist, and university professor among the many roles in his past, and believes that his best talent is explaining concepts and practices to others. He’s on Twitter at @pvarhol.

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