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Earlier this year, Test Studio 2013 brought recording to Chrome and Firefox. That was a start, and now it's time to take the next step. R2 2103, scheduled to be released in December, brings some changes to the ribbon and more flexibility to running and recording tests.

First of all, we've simplified the toolbar - bringing the controls for recording and running tests together in the first section of the ribbon, now labeled Recorder/Run. Instead of selecting a browser in one section, then searching for the Record button in a different ribbon section, you now can choose your browser straight from either the Record or Run (now labeled Start) controls.

Changes to Record and Execution coming in the R2 2013 ribbon

Preferred Browser settingSecondly, the Project Settings dialog is now also reachable right from the toolbar - just click the arrow in the bottom of the Recorder/Run section.

In the General section of the settings dialog box, you'll find a place to select your Preferred Browser. This allows you to record and execute tests quickly without the need to choose your browser each and every time.

Of course, this won't prevent you from choosing a different browser when recording or executing your tests when you need to.

Perhaps most importantly, and certainly something we've been asked for quite a bit in the past few months: the upcoming release also brings multi-browser support to the Run To Here command. This is great for editing existing tests; Run To Here runs all the steps up to and including the selected step then attaches to the recorder, giving you the easy ability to add or insert new steps into an existing test.

R2 2013's Run To Here browser selection

This release will make cross-browser testing easier than ever before, giving you a powerful way to test your web applications quickly and provide a consistent experience to your customers.

Again, the pre-release disclaimer: this is still a work in progress, so these screenshots may or may not accurately reflect the final product as it will ship.

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