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The new major version of Telerik automated testing tools is now available for download from the client accounts. The Q2 2010 release improves the Silverlight automation support adding features like:

· Silverlight Out-of-Browser automation

· ChildWindow and popup automation solution

· Virtualized controls handling

· Enhancements in the Silverlight controls wrappers and translators

and many more!

With this release we also introduce numerous valuable features like:

· Image verification with options to refine the comparison area and add tolerance

· Exporting the test storyboard in order to generate documentation from the automated tests

· Connect to an existing browser instance - users can choose from the list of already launched browsers

· Enhanced Win32 Dialog Handling & Recording with the ability to configure a default behavior for handling unexpected dialogs

· Ability to add manual and comment steps to the tests

Let me also share some more new additions most of which have been requested from customers.

In order to improve the experience of adding verification steps to the tests WebUI Test Studio now provides the ability to add as many quick tasks as you need. Just load the element’s translator quick tasks, select as many as needed (via ctrl or shift + click) and click the “Add Quick Tasks” button:



In both HTML and Silverlight users now can record and playback clicks with modifier keys – Ctrl, Alt and Shift. Once recorded the click modifier keys can also be configured:


The smart element merge is a great addition too! If one records an action or verification against an element and then wants to change its find expression (the way we locate and identify the element on the page), any new recording against it will be automatically identified with the same already recorded element. One can also safely change the element friendly name (which is automatically generated) to make sure any new recording over that element will inherit the same name. This improves the readability of tests a lot in certain scenarios.


Note, the element find expression cannot be edited in the element properties (as in the image above). You’ll need to select the element in the Elements Explorer, right click on it and chose to Edit that element.

We introduced another useful option in order to investigate a test failure easier. In the Step Failure Details dialog (the UI launched when you double-click the red cross of a failing step) along with the actual image on failure we now also display the expected image for easy comparison. Select the Images tab once you load the UI:





For the complete list of updates with this release please check this link.

Make sure you check out the new WebUI Test Studio videos as well. We hope you enjoy them and find them valuable!

Also don’t forget to register for the “What’s new in WebUI Test Studio Q2 2010” webinar next week! We will go through the new release highlights in a live session on Friday, July 23rd, 11am – 12pm EDT.

As always, should you have any feedback on the Automated Testing Tools please let us know!

Happy automation!



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