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Overall, we got quite good impression from the UIA Verify tool, I wrote about last week. Yet, there is an issue that provoked me to download the source and modify the tool behavior.

As a tester, I believe the automated tests should pass only when you get the full test running through all the actions and verifications. The original UIA Verify though marks as passed all the tests which preconditions are not met. That doesn’t help much if you need to verify all the scenarios pass successfully, does it?

I’ve modified the source so now the failed preconditions cause test failures. Basically, there are only two small changes in the test library – in TestObject and UIAVerifyLogging classes. If you are interested, just browse for IncorrectElementConfigurationForTestException within those classes.

In future, I think of modifying the visual results adding a new condition into the whole logic. It will be generally better to separate the precondition failures from the regular ones.

You can download the updated TestLibrary from the link below:



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