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    Porting TeamPulse from Silverlight to HTML5 with Kendo UI

    In Telerik we strongly believe in dogfooding our own products so we can make sure we listen to our customers and always deliver the best value. This can be seen in the latest version of TeamPulse where we introduced a new HTML5 interface built from the ground up using Kendo UI controls and wrappers.
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    Focused on Testing

    Last time I discussed our plans to phase out crash reports from Test Studio for iOS and the Web Portal and defer to Telerik's latest addition, EQATEC Application Analytics. Those plans also extend to feedback. Our goal is to transition feedback to another team whose product offering is better complimented by its functionality. That move is still in the planning stages. The reason for these changes is that we're completely focused on testing and have big plans for 2013. Here are the main areas we're working on: iOS 7 compatibility Android support Icenium integration The next release of Test ...
    July 17, 2013
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    It’s the Customer’s Project.. But

    “I’m the customer…do what I say.” “That’s my money – I want you to do this!” “The customer is always right!” Have you heard this before? Is the customer always right? My answer is no. In fact, you may be saying – from your own project experiences – is the customer ever right? Now, for all you customers out there – past, present and future – I mean no harm or disrespect. It’s just that there are a few of you out there who prefer to micro manage the delivery project manager and team too much and you forget why ...
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    The Great New Features in JustDecompile

    Explore in-depth all the new features that JustDecompile has to offer with the Q2 release.
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    The Flexible Schedule. Potential Project Killers. Part 5

    As we close out this five part series on some of my favorite project killers, let’s consider what we’ve covered so far in Parts 1 through 4: • Part 1 - starting too fast – don’t start before everyone is really ready and the project is well-defined • Part 2 – a vague budget – managing a project with no real budget is dangerous – sounds easy but it’s not and it can become very hard, if not impossible, to ever define financial success • Part 3 – an indecisive customer – the indecisive project customer provides ...