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Hi everyone!

So the initial cycle of four workshops just ended! A big "THANK YOU" to all who attended. In the span of four weeks we covered four topics:

  • How to Record a Login Test
  • How to automate HTML popups
  • How to automate HTML frames
  • How to extend Test Studio (i.e. Test Studio plugins)

Did you miss any of those "How to"s ?

Not to worry - we have them up on Telerik TV so you can check them out right here. These videos were recorded live during the actual workshops sessions. 

Personally, I'm happy with the way the sessions went down. I think everyone involved got some good info on Test Studio. The thing is that it doesn't matter what I thought - it only matters what YOU thought of it. I would very much like to continue doing the sessions but first I want to get a sense of whether you liked it. To that end please do me a favor and fill out this survey for me (even if you couldn't attend any sessions):

Take Our Survey!

Not to sound too dramatic but the fate of the workshops is in your hands: depending on the survey we might have a new session next Wednesday as usual. Or we might give it a rest and return with a new format later on. Or discontinue the initiative altogether. So let us know!

Once again: THANK YOU for attending. I hope you learned some useful things.

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Stoil Stoichev

Stoil Stoychev

has been helping customers solve their complex testing challenges leveraging his in-depth knowledge of Telerik Test Studio. He has traveled the globe fine-tuning his technical expertise and helping our valued clients succeed. In his spare time he enjoys motorcycles, live music and various sports.


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