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Containerized testing with Docker support

Test Studio R3 2021 release is live with containerized testing for continuous delivery, Docker support for headless test execution and new layout management for best-in-class user experience.

The growing demand for fast-paced app delivery still cannot afford to wait for quality to catch up. The 3-times-faster headless browser execution helped many Test Studio customers accelerate development. Yet, we knew there was more to be done to further enhance your automated testing suite’s capabilities.

Test automation is an essential part of any continuous delivery process. Different types of tests and environments are suitable for different types of scenarios, depending on various factors, like the type of application under test, the release cadence, etc. With its latest release, Test Studio provides even more flexibility by securing an additional workflow for executing automated functional tests—Docker containers.

With the ever-shrinking release cycles, speed and quality are key factors for success. Many QAs report that testing usually falls behind and cannot keep up with the pace. When that happens, you end up prioritizing either speed or quality, and often there is no way out of this vicious cycle. Whenever you need to sacrifice one for the other, you are already in trouble.

There are a bunch of reasons for getting into that situation—slow tedious manual testing or unstable and ineffective automation with questionable output that in addition requires a lot of maintenance time. Another roadblock may be the environment—heavy and time-consuming setup, unreliable work flows due to OS specifics, etc.

Test Studio’s main goal is to give you a remedy for all these problems.

What’s New in Test Studio R3 2021

The focus of this release remains accelerating testing speed and automation quality. Earlier this year we introduced headless browser execution. Headless browsers allow automated tests to run without loading an actual browser UI with all browser elements, which traditionally slows down test execution.

This technique is known to save considerable amounts of time as it enables users to run more tests faster, without further configuration of action and verification steps. For the Test Studio headless testing implementation, we got reports of up to 3-times-faster functional tests when executed in headless mode.

Docker Containers Support

While headless testing took care of speed, container testing can solve the issues related to the environment. Any testing environment can sometimes cause delays in test execution and even non-bug related failures. Needless to say, the cost of all this is a lack of reliable results and confidence in your automated testing suite.

Containers provide a steady environment isolated from other applications or operating system glitches. This means for you greater control over the testing environment with consistent test results and reliable performance. Along with the accelerated test speed, your tests from now on will be suitable for repeated execution upon code check-ins or on the clock in very close time intervals. No doubt this is great news for your overall continuous delivery process, which now offers a lot of room for continuous integration testing.

Container testing

Improved Test Studio Layout Management

When you deep-dive into any kind of a task, it is important to get as much as you can out of the tooling you use, with ease. Test automation is no different here. No matter if you are recording or debugging a test, or you are crafting a load scenario, there is a specific Test Studio layout that will best serve your needs or current test scenario. With the new layout management, you can save multiple custom configurations of Test Studio’s UI and load them in a snap.

Setting your custom testing layout


Don’t let yourself being forced to choose between speed and quality! Test Studio provides a scalable test automation platform with a lot of flexibility and options suitable for any team. The Docker container support is an amazing addition to web UI, functional headless, responsive web, RESTful API, WPF and load testing. It helps you run fast and stable tests yielding reliable results. The new layout management, fixes and improvements aim for the best-in-class user experience.

If you haven’t checked Test Studio recently, you can play with the 30-day full-functional trial at no cost.

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Iliyan Panchev

Iliyan is a Senior Product Manager at Progress, responsible for the Telerik testing solutions, including Test Studio and JustMock. In the mid ’00s, he started his career in software development as a game tester because he loves video games, and eventually he realized that breaking software is fun. He believes that a good Quality Assurance Engineer should be involved in all phases of the software development process. Iliyan, now as a Product Manager, has a new objective—to relieve the QA engineer of the challenges associated with test automation and help them have more pleasant and rewarding workdays.

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