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R1 2015 is a milestone release for Test Studio suite. We are introducing revolutionary advancements in test automation. In this release we are introducing the Next Generation of Automated Testing–Early Test Collaboration with IntelliMap.

Imagine a scenario in which you can start creating your tests while waiting for the development team to deliver the UI. You start by creating empty shell elements for a scenario. You can then start building test steps with these shell elements. Now you have a scaffold test case with an exception of find logic. When Engineering delivers the UI, launch into our new ‘"IntelliMap," select the empty element from your list, then click on the UI to map that element to it. The find logic is automatically added to the element!

Getting testing activities working in parallel with development versus after development improves team communication dramatically and shortens feedback cycles.

Please consult our release notes here for even more detailed information; meanwhile, here are some release highlights.

Element Builder


Click the image to see a full-sized screenshot of the Element Builder.

Early Test Automation includes enhancements to the Element Repository that allow elements to be created outside the recorder. These can be “shell” elements, with no find logic or elements that require you to manually specify the find logic.


Click the image to see a full-sized screenshot of the Element Mapping.


Step Builder


Prior to R1 2015, The Step Builder offered a few options that allowed you to craft certain types of steps using existing elements added by our powerful recorder. Now, you can use the new Step Builder to craft any type of step–the options are limitless. Combined with our new Element Builder, they allow fully scaffolded tests to be created before the UI is delivered.

Click the image to see a full-sized screenshot of the Step Builder.

IntelliMap–The Visual Element Mapper

Telerik Test Studio Intellimap

This feature is our biggest addition to this release, and when combined with the new Element Builder and Step Builder, introduces a new way for testers to work along side developers no matter the methodology being used. IntelliMap hooks into your web browser and provides an easy-use-use, visual experience to quickly add find logic to ‘shell’ elements.

Flex Tabs in Test View

As an added productivity bonus, we are introducing Flex Tabs to the Test Studio environment. This allows you to customize the layout of Test Studio suite in an unlimited number of ways, with drag-and-drop docking and undocking of key areas such as the element repository tab, project tab, properties tab, step builder tab and more.

Try the new Test Studio release and let us know about your experience. You can get the latest version from your Telerik account or by downloading a trial.

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Shravanthi Alimilli is a Product Marketing Manager for the Telerik Mobile UI bundle, including UI for NativeScript, iOS, Xamarin and Android. Shravanthi is passionate about emerging technologies and her responsibilities include bringing to market best in class products.


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