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Shortly after the release of the Telerik Platform, we present the first update to Telerik Mobile Testing. This service pack is version, to be precise. Alongside bug fixes, it includes many API and UI improvements. Here are the highlights:

Overview of This Release

Error Detection

Errors detected in test files are now reported in the Test Runner. You see the exact line where the error occurs and its message.

This new error detection intelligently discovers and reports everything from syntax mistakes to suite/test/step structure.

Default Platform Type for Hybrid Apps

To avoid code duplication in hybrid tests, use the default platform type in the step repository. Steps without a specific platform defined will use this.

I updated the Step Repository section of my AppBuilder Case Study post to demonstrate this. All steps use the default type, except the platform-specific application launch commands.

OS X Start File

This is a small improvement but a big timesaver. The OS X start file can now be double-clicked, just like the Windows start file. The first time prompts for a password, performs the installation, and launches Mobile Testing. Subsequent times will skip the installation and just launch Mobile Testing. See the here for more information.

Android Chained Queries

Android gains chained query support. You can now identify a parent element and then locate one of its children. See here for more information.


Ensure you download and update all Mobile Testing components. Their versions need to match for testing to continue to work.

See the release notes for a full list of updates and changes.

About the Author

Anthony Rinaldi

Anthony Rinaldi combines his experience in test automation and quality assurance with his passion for mobile devices and platforms. He is an avid CrossFitter, soccer player, and music fan.

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