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One of the great new features in the Q2 release of WebUI Test Studio is the ability to record and execute tests using Silverlight’s Out-of-Browser feature.  For more information about configuring your application for Out-of-Browser click here.  In this post we will look at how to configure and record your test in WebUI Test Studio and then execute.

To get started first open WebUI Test Studio and create a new project and test.


In order to configure a test for Silverlight Out-of-Browser recording, click on the “Out-of-Browser” option in the menu.


After selecting the SLOOB button, you will be presented with a configuration screen.


First start by checking the “Configure this test to run against Silverlight application”.  This will enable you to see the configuration options.

At this point there are a few options which can be broken down into two categories. First, how we want to record this test and second how we want to execute this test.  The recording options are at the bottom and are “Internet Explorer” and “Desktop Application” (which is really the Silverlight application running in Out-of-Browser mode).  If you select “Internet Explorer” you must enter a URL in the “Web Url” text box above.  If you select “Desktop Application” you can either browse for the desktop shortcut to the Silverlight app or you can drag and drop the shortcut from the desktop and it will auto fill for you.

Execution options will be available depending on the information you give this screen.  For example, if you give it only the desktop shortcut, you will only be able to execute in the Out-of-Browser mode.


If you give it both the shortcut and the web URL you will be able to choose from all three browsers or the Out-of-Browser option.


After configuring your test with the options above you are ready to start recording.  If you selected “Desktop Application” radio button in the configuration menu, then when you click the record button your Silverlight application will launch in the Out-of-Browser mode and you will see the record menu options attached to the top of the window.


Recording in Out-of-Browser mode is exactly like recording in the browser and all the same options will be available.

If you had selected the “Internet Explorer” option in the configuration menu then when you clicked record Internet Explorer would have launched and navigated to the Silverlight application in the browser.


After recording your test you can execute it by selecting a specific browser or the Out-of-Browser option under the Quick Execution menu options.


Recording and executing your test in Silverlight Out-of-Browser mode really gives you the flexibility to ensure the quality of your Silverlight application, download WebUI Test Studio today and check it out for yourself.

Stay tuned for more WebUI Test Studio news and features. 

And as always, let us know if you have questions or comments about any of our Automated Testing Tools.

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