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WebUI Test Studio's Q3 release is just days away! With the upcoming release, you will have the ability to create conditional logic in your test automation without writing a single line of code. We have included  IF...ELSE statements, WHILE...LOOP statements, and the ability to LOOP a series of steps n number of times.

In WebUI Test Studio QA Edition, all 3 Logical Test Step options can be accessed via the 'Add' Ribbon on the 'Record' tab as seen below.

Now, let's take a closer look at the If...Else statement.
When you first select the If...Else option you will notice 2 steps are added to test explorer, both will have red dots next to them indicating there is more that needs to be done before you have working conditional logic.

When you hover your mouse over the IF (...) THEN step, you will notice an icon appear to the right of the step, click this icon to shift into 'Select Mode';.

In 'Select Mode' you will notice a new column appears with an icon next to all 'Verify' steps. Clicking the icon will assign the selected 'Verify' step to the Conditional Statement.

After selecting a 'Verify' step your view will be updated as shown below indicating a logical condition has been added.

You can now click and drag existing steps onto the 'IF (...)' or 'ELSE' test step as shown below.

Once a step has been dropped onto a 'IF (...)' or 'ELSE' step, it will appear indented, below the step it was dragged to. This indicated the step will only be executed if the conditional logic has been met.

To see this feature in action, check out the link below:


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