Not long after the official launch of our automated testing tools, Telerik’s WebUI Test Studio product team is ready to show you some new bits. Listening to your real-life testing issues and dogfooding Telerik product teams helped a lot to come out with a nice set of features and enhancements such as support for Silverlight out-of-browser testing, Silverlight ChildWindows and Pop-ups, image verification, and many more.

You surely remember WebUI Test Studio was the first automated testing solution on the market to provide support for Silverlight UI recording and playback. With Q2 we take Silverlight test automation a step further by offering full support for Out-of-Browser testing of Silverlight applications. Silverlight allows applications to run both in-browser and as desktop ones, and with the power of Silverlight 4, out-of-browser Silverlight apps are growing in popularity as replacements for other client app technologies.

Silverlight Out of Browser support

Additionally, WebUI Test Studio 2010.2 extends its record/playback capabilities to allow its recording surface to detect Silverlight pop-ups and ChildWindows and connect to them. You can now highlight elements within these Pop-ups and navigate their visual trees in our DOM Explorer, too. Read a blog post for more details.

With the Q2 Release WebUI Test Studio 2010.2 is also introducing “Image Verification” – a powerful test recording feature based on the element’s visual rendering rather than the attributes of that element. Unlike other tools that support the feature, WebUI Test Studio offers precise “pixel-by-pixel” testing which allows users to refine the image verification they want to craft.

Image Verification

Along with the numerous enhancements and new functionalities in the field of Silverlight test automation, WebUI Test Studio 2010.2 introduces export of your test’s Visual Storyboard as an HTML Test Plan (this feature could also be used for documenting business requirements); bind test to multiple data sources; continue recording from a specific step; add manual steps to your test, and more. Follow us on twitter to be the first to know once WebUI Test Studio 2010.2 is out.

Make sure you register for the “What’s new in Q2 2010: WebUI Test Studio” webinar. Just like with previous releases, we kept the tradition and organized a 5-day “Release Webinar Week”. During the week after the release you’ll have the chance to learn all the major new features that ship with the Q2 release. Telerik Ultimate Collection licenses (worth $1999) will be raffled at each webcast.

Friday, July 23: WebUI Test Studio 2010.2
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