In case you didn’t know, each Thursday we have webinars for introducing people to Test Studio. They’re an hour long with ten or 15 minutes of slides, then 45-60 minutes of demos with Q&A interwoven in.

I recorded yesterday’s session and have posted it up to Telerik TV: Getting To Know Test Studio (1/5/2012). It’s just over an hour long and walks through the main features of Test Studio. I talk a lot about general automated software testing, discuss our performance testing features, and also show off our great manual testing capabilities.

I also spend some time talking about test organization, dealing with Javascript, and a number of other common issues.

The demo uses both the standalone Test Studio and Test Studio Express plugin for Visual Studio.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes

has around 25 years IT experience. He is co-author of "Windows Developer Power Tools" and Chief Cat Herder of the CodeMash Conference. He's a blogger and evangelist for Telerik’s Test Studio, an awesome set of tools to help teams deliver better software. Find him as @aJimHolmes on Twitter.

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