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Did you get the chance to try our new Support Center homepage? If you have not done so please go ahead and test the latest interface built around the search-and-browse paradigm, with product-specific results.

Over the years we have accumulated an enormous amount of resources on our web site (about 600 online examples, about 10 000 online documentation topics, about 17 000 community forum threads, more then 500 KB articles and more than 100 posts in the Code Library). The information is quite comprehensive and can get you the answers to almost any question on using our products. Up until now the resources were fairly dispersed, each having different means for search if any.

With the introduction of our new Support Center homepage your lives should be much easier now. Powered by Google the new searching capabilities now give you a centralized place where you can initiate high-relevance search per-product. To further fine-tune your searches you can pick which resources or combination of resources to look up. As a result, you should be able to find in seconds what previously took much more time and even required communication with the support team.

So give it a try and let us know how you feel about it and how we can better expose the wealth of resources on We will be happy to make your life even easier.


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