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This week there are several new solutions for scheduling issues in Test Studio 2013 R1, as well as some tweaks to old docs that may help you out.

The new scheduling architecture is simpler and more reliable than ever before, but you can still run into some complications. In some scenarios—for example, if you delete a test project on disk before removing the scheduled test runs in the Results view—you might have scheduled test runs that you can't remove or edit. If you run into this issue, you can remove the scheduled test run on disk. Also, if you want to set a scheduled test run to get latest from TFS on each run, you'll need to change the Scheduling Service account, since the default account lacks the necessary permissions. Our Schedule Execution article now reflects this requirement.

Then there are some odds and ends. In very specific situations, you may see coded steps disappear from your Test Studio tests in Visual Studio. The solution is to set the base class correctly. We've updated our System Requirements to indicate that Test Studio requires SP 3 or greater to run on Windows XP, and fixed some errors in the references listed in the Create a Custom Bug Tracking Plugin article.

Check back for more improvements to the docs, and use our Feedback Portal to leave us suggestions.


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