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Our engineering and testing crew has been hard at work to get the latest release of Test Studio out the door! Test Studio 2012 R2 SP1 is now ready for you to download and install!

Our service packs generally focus on bug fixes and under-the-cover enhancements; however, this release has some really exciting new features. Two of my personal favorites are searching within a project or test, and Silverlight/WPF scrolling of elements via the UI.

First off, search. Ease of navigation through a large test suite or test is a very tedious task. There’s also a discoverability issue if you’re working with thousands of tests stored in tens or hundreds of folders. Now it’s a snap to quickly search through your project’s tests and narrow down to a list of candidates:

My next favorite feature addresses a long-standing pain (to put it lightly!) of testers trying to work with Silverlight or WPF UIs which involved scrolling of elements into the visible view. Previously this required some tricky code to resolve—it’s a hard problem—but now I’m happy to say our team’s made this possible directly via the Test Studio Element menu without having to drop to code!


You can find complete instructions for working with this in our online documentation!

Another big addition is the ability to pull the latest version of source from your TFS repository as part of a test list run from our Scheduling Server. This is a great help for making your overall test automation process that much smoother.

We’ve a number of other nice features wrapped up into this release, plus more enhancements and bug fixes. Read more details on the release notes page, then go download the latest version!

Happy Testing!

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Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes

has around 25 years IT experience. He is co-author of "Windows Developer Power Tools" and Chief Cat Herder of the CodeMash Conference. He's a blogger and evangelist for Telerik’s Test Studio, an awesome set of tools to help teams deliver better software. Find him as @aJimHolmes on Twitter.


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