Now that Test Studio has a new scheduling and load testing architecture, our documentation updates can help you get the most out of our new and old scheduling and load testing features. 

First, we have a new guide for an existing feature: our new Export Load Results walkthrough shows how to convert your Test Studio Load Test results to HTML or Excel spreadsheet format. Next, we have some help for responding to some load testing problems that may have popped up for a while: the No Results Data article explains what to do when you aren't getting results back from your load test, and the 401 in Results troubleshooting article tells how to interpret load test results that include a lot of 401-Unauthorized responses. Also, the new Cannot Dispatch Load Test article discusses how to open the necessary ports to make sure your load tests go off without a hitch.

Lastly, we've updated a couple of articles to reflect changes to the product. Our Scheduling Overview article now lists the open ports you will need for different installations of Test Studio, and the Attach Columns to Input Values guide shows the updated user interface for data driving your functional test steps.

If you haven't tried Test Studio 2013 R1, check out the docs to see the new UI and workflows, and stay tuned for more updates.

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