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Did you know that you can use Test Studio to load test your web services? This is probably one of our most asked-about new features. We want to make this feature a really great experience, so we're planning lots of improvements. Depending on your service, you can start load testing them right now!

There are a few limitations to be aware of. Improvements to the Dynamic Variables system are coming. Until those arrive, if you need to use Dynamic Variables embedded in JSON or XML content, you are going to have wait. If not, you are able to start load testing your services immediately.

Native Test Studio web service capturing is coming as well. For now, creating a User Profile for your web service traffic requires you to use Fiddler. 

You already have it installed, right? If not, go get it. You'll thank me later. 

Fiddler Website

Get Fiddler. Now.

Got it now? Okay, good. Just fire up Fiddler and set it to capture traffic. Now fire up your thick client that accesses the web service(s). When you are done with the capture, be sure you edit out any of the extra traffic you don't need, then save the remaining sessions as a Fiddler .SAZ file.

Now open up Test Studio, and either create or open a load test. In the Design screen, click the Import User Profile button and then bring in the .SAZ file you just saved.

Importing the Fiddler Trace

Import the Fiddler Trace

And there you go! You have the start of a load test for your web service. Crank up the VUs, add your performance counters, and see how your server handles it.

Want to try it out for yourself? Download Test Studio today!

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Jared Twing

Jared Twing

Jared Twing is the Load and Performance Testing Product Manager for Telerik's Test Studio. He has 15 years experience across government contracting (including time at NASA), private software firms, and the video game industry. When not planning software releases, he is hanging out with his family or playing games. Lots and lots of games. Find him as @JaredTwing on Twitter.


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