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So here it is, the first post about what is coming in the forthcoming R1 2011 Test Studio release. 

You can now set test steps to execute against specific browsers and even specific versions of those browsers. To run a test only against Internet Explorer 9, simply select the test step, adjust the 'RunAgainst' property to 'InternetExplorerOnly', then set the 'RunsAgainstVersion' property to '9' and lastly 'RunsAgainstVersionCompare' to 'Equals'. That's all there is to it - the step will now be executed when you playback in IE9, however it will be skipped in all other browsers (including IE7 and IE8). Super easy, yet super powerful!


As we get closer to the R1 2011 release, we'll be sure to share some more great features you won't see on our R1 2011 Roadmap!


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