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We’re happy to announce the latest release of Test Studio: Service Pack 2 for version 2012 R1. (In case you didn’t know, we have two major “R” releases each year. Each major release has two service packs.)

There’s a huge list of bug fixes and feature updates for this latest release. Some of the big highlights include:

  • Recording with 64-bit IE and IE10 on Windows 8
  • Updated metrics for Load tests
  • Analyzing results from individual agents for load test results
  • Improved data binding for WPF and web tests
  • Encrypt passwords used in tests
  • Continued enhancement of our translators for Telerik’s UI controls  (Remember: you’ll always get great functionality with any control. You just get bonus points with Telerik’s!)

You can get the latest version from our home page, or from your client profile on

The team’s worked really hard on this release. I hope it helps you ship awesome software to your customers!

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Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes

has around 25 years IT experience. He is co-author of "Windows Developer Power Tools" and Chief Cat Herder of the CodeMash Conference. He's a blogger and evangelist for Telerik’s Test Studio, an awesome set of tools to help teams deliver better software. Find him as @aJimHolmes on Twitter.


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