Tomorrow I leave for a two week “jaunt” to India. I’m extraordinarily excited because I’ve wanted to travel to India since I was a young child. I’m also excited because our India team has filled up the entire two weeks with an incredible amount of speaking engagements, customer visits, and customer training. It’s going to be an exhausting but incredibly productive trip.

I’m also excited because I’ll get to spend time with Lohith and Dhanajay, two of our great evangelists in India. I’m looking forward to learning from them when we’re presenting together at a couple community events.

I’ll be in Bangalore from 1-8 Dec, then off to Delhi from 8-11 Dec. It’s a two day trip over and 24 hour trip back, which rounds out the two weeks of travel.

Rather than repeat my entire itinerary here, I’ll just point you to my community evangelism page on where you can see everything laid out.

If you’re in Bangalore or Delhi then I’d love to see you at one of the various events. Please stop by and say hello if you’re there!

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