Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Elena Tosheva and I’m a QA officer here at Telerik. I have been working here since the end of 2004 year, but it is the first time I’m blogging.

I’m responsible for testing ASP.NET team 3 controls (RadComboBox, RadPanelBar, RadTabStrip, RadTreeView, RadMenu, RadToolBar and RadScheduler).


As you may already know , we use Selenium for integration testing together with the NUnit and JsUnit tests. Selenium is the best tool which fits our needs for the present.

Here is a blog post provided by Falafel how to select RadComboBox item with Selenium.


Recently we received a few client requests about problems selecting RadComboBox item with WatiN – web application testing tool for .Net.

I researched the problem and here is sample code which selects the third item of RadComboBox:

public static void Main()  
        IE ie = new IE("http://localhost:1995/Default.aspx");   
        Image radComboBoxDropDownImage = ie.Image(Find.ById("idRadComboBox_Image"));  
        Div divStudent3 = ie.Div(Find.ById("idRadComboBox_c2"));  

The special feature here is that you have to mouse over the RadComboBox item before clicking on it. This peculiarity comes from RadComboBox source code and the events sequence which follows when clicking on RadComboBox item: MouseOver -> Click.

Hope it will help some people working with WatiN. 



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