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Scorpion SoftwareScorpion Software is a Canadian based software security specialist that helps SMBs reduce their business liability, gain staff accountability and increase productivity with software that monitors and strengthens access to information on premise and in the Cloud.

System quality is especially important for a vendor of security software. With three product lines and multiple platforms to support, the QA requirement was becoming increasingly hard for Scorpion Software’s existing testing system to meet.

Scorpion Software made Telerik Test Studio the heart of their automated test management platform, leveraging Test Studio’s extensibility to create a custom solution meeting their unique needs.

As a result, Test Studio is now integral to Scorpion Software’s QA process. Even with the additional costs of migrating staff and existing test infrastructure to Test Studio, Scorpion Software is already seeing a $75-100,000 saving in the first year while testing three times the volume of code they were testing just two years before.

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