Telerik’s TeamPulse is a terrific project management tool for boosting communication in and between projects. We’re constantly looking for ways to better integrate Test Studio with TeamPulse to clearly communicate quality metrics around your automated tests back to the projects.

We’ve had integration tying tests to acceptance criteria in TeamPulse for some time, but with Test Studio’s 2012 R1 release we’ve kicked up the integration another notch: You can now push bug reports from Test Studio directly to your TeamPulse projects from anywhere you can examine a failing test: the test explorer, test results calendar, or test list details.

(BY THE WAY: We’ve also got the same bug reporting functionality for Team Foundation Server. I’ll post on that one later!)

The user interface is the same at any of these places in Test Studio:

From the failure details screen you click the Submit Bug icon at the bottom, select where you want to submit the bug report to, edit the title and description as desired. Checking the “Attach failure details” checkbox will create a zip file with the exception details, screenshot of the UI at the point of failure, and enclose the page DOM at the moment of failure. That zip gets attached to the bug report in the target system—folks working triage and bugfixes will have everything right at their fingertips!

You can also use Test Studio Explore to file bugs during your exploratory testing sessions! (Read more about the Explore tool in a previous post.)

I’ve just posted up a short video walking through all of this. Please have a look at it. I think you’ll find it extremely useful!

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Jim Holmes

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