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In Q2, we enabled a great feature in WebUI Test Studio that many customers have been asking for: The ability to export an automated test case including storyboard images into a document format that can be published/printed or sent to others.

Before going into how to generate such documentation in WebUI Test Studio, I would like to take a moment and talk a little about some of the usage scenarios for this feature.

  • Document your test scenarios in a format that can be easily shared with your teammates to help review and communicate test coverage.
  • Document your application business requirements. One way to look at a test scenario is a very explicit, step by step walk through of a business requirement that has been implemented. In many cases, the test scenarios that verify a business requirement end up being the best form of documentation of that requirement. You most probably won’t need to export all the tests to document the business requirements but a few tests from each that highlight the main line scenarios for each requirement will do just fine.
  • If you are a consulting company building an application for a customer, the tests can be used as tool to also document the completion or exit of certain development milestones.

I’m sure customers will come up with many more creative ways to leverage this feature once they get their hands on Q2.

Generating documentation in WebUI Test Studio is dead simple:

On your storyboard, you now have a big button that allows you to start the export process:


Click on the button and you will be prompted to select a folder to export this test to:


Once you have selected the folder, click ‘OK’ and you are pretty much done.


You are then prompted on whether you want to view the exported test. If you click ‘Yes’, your default browser will be launched and the exported html page of your test will be loaded.

The test document will look similar to this sample:



Stay tuned from more new cool features in our Automating Testing Tools offering in Q2.




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