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Here is a Christmas present for you (a bit late for Christmas but you will enjoy it anyway)!

We have recently released a new page on our website which will give you access to our latest internal builds. These are the distributions built automatically from our source repository and include all latest fixes (new features are usually not included).

Regular builds are integral part of our development process and based on continuous QA and feedback we strive to produce the most stable releases possible. If you have experienced any problem with the current official distributions there is a possibility that the issue has already been addressed in the latest internal build.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The builds here are intended for development only and are not recommended for production purposes as these distributions have not gone through the complete QA process.

We will be publishing RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX builds for now but the other Telerik products will be included soon as well. Also, you will see trial or dev version (depending on whether you have a purchase in your account) only if you have first downloaded the current official release.

We are looking forward to your continuous feedback.

Enjoy! … and have a great new year!


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