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The most complicated process in the Test Studio for iOS Documentation is the configuration for UIKit Testing. It's easy to accidentally skip a step or perform one incorrectly. This post addresses common mistakes, their symptoms, and how to fix them.

Cannot Begin Testing

You see the following message when attempting to record a test against an iOS Application:

There are no testable applications
installed on this device. Please
consult the documentation for more

The Document Type tells Test Studio that an application is testable. See step 13 here for how to add and configure a tstest Document Type.

Cannot Record

You select your app from the list of testable iOS Applications, it launches, however there is no red border nor recording toolbar. Here is what the Demo Application looks like in recording mode:

This means the libTestStudioExtension.a static library was either not added to the project, or it wasn't loaded properly. See steps 10–12 here for how to add and configure the Test Studio Extension.

Step 12 instructs you to use -force_load and point to the location of the extension on disk. For a simpler alternative, you can instead use -all_load for the Other Linker Flags setting. Ensure it propagates down to the child nodes as well.

Cannot Execute a Test

Test Studio launched your application and you recorded a test. When you press play to execute the test, however, nothing happens.

The URL Type allows Test Studio to launch the application for execution. See step 14 here for how to add and configure a URL Type.


Unfortunately the simulator is not as reliable as testing on a real device. You may need to close your application (and Test Studio) and try again.


Although this post is written in the context of UIKit Deployment, the troubleshooting tips can also be applied to MonoTouch. The configuration is done in a similar fashion, however the string to load the Test Studio Extension differs.

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Anthony Rinaldi

Anthony Rinaldi

is the Product Manager of Telerik's Test Studio for iOS. He combines his experience in test automation and quality assurance with his passion for Apple mobile devices and the iOS platform. He is an avid CrossFitter, soccer player, and music fan.


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