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How much time to you spend documenting your test cases? Most of the time it’s “too much!” Test Studio’s Storyboard export feature can get you a great start on documentation with the click of a button.

Test Studio captures storyboards as you record your test, giving you a visual walkthrough of what your test is doing in a series of frames, one per test step. Each frame shows the exact state of the UI after that step is completed:


Navigation, coded steps, and other non-visual steps are represented with a plain frame and a generic description of the action:


Storyboards can get disconnected from the graphics if you update or change your script. This state’s reflected by “Missing Graphic” frames. It’s easy to clear this up with the Recapture Storyboard button in the test. Click that and your test will run again, recapturing the Storyboard to match the current state of the test!image

Exporting a complete storyboard series is a snap. Use the Export icon right inside the storyboard to save your board somewhere on your network or filesystem.


You’ll get a chance to view the exported document after export is complete:


You’ll see a nicely formatted HTML report complete with some description and all of the frames exported as pictures:


There you have it! A simple way to produce HTML documentation of your test scripts.

Keep in mind this is a one-way export and will be instantly out of date the first time you modify your test script in any way. Regardless, this can be a huge timesaver for organizations which have mandates around certain types of test case documentation.

I’d love to hear feedback from teams that have worked with this. Have you used our storyboard export as documentation?


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