Earlier this year we released Test Studio 2013, and our product team has been working hard on the next release ever since. We'll be showing you some of our upcoming features over the next few weeks, and I'm happy to kick things off by showing a little more love for HTML5.

Now, before we look at Test Studio's new HTML5 support, I've got to point out that everything depends on the browsers' support. If your team has been developing HTML5 applications, you're probably already aware of sites like The HTML5 Test and Can I Use - be sure to visit them often as browsers are continuously being improved. Those of you who need to have your web applications support Internet Explorer 9 already know you're going to be missing many of the new goodness — and if you're stuck with versions older than that - well, just keep your eyes on the countdown clocks.

So what does HTML5 support look like in Test Studio 2013 R2? We'll go more in-depth as we get closer to release, but here are a couple of looks at what's coming. How about being able to verify that your HTML5 video is loaded properly, playing or paused, having your test wait until one of those conditions is satisfied, or extracting that information into a variable for use later? Here's a look, using Chrome:

Quick Actions for HTML5 Video

HTML5 has several new input types for forms, allowing for better input control and validation. Test Studio will give you access to parameters for a number of these types - Number, Range, Email, Search and URL. Here we're looking at the Range type using Internet Explorer 10:

Quick Actions for the Range Input Type

As with anything not yet shipped, a disclaimer: this is still a work in progress; these screenshots may or may not accurately reflect the final product as it will ship.

Is your team working with HTML5 yet, and do you see ways that these additional actions will help your testing? Let me know what you think - join in the conversation in comments here or over on Twitter. And of course, if you're not already using Test Studio, there's a 30-day free trial waiting for you.


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Steven Vore (@StevenJV) is an Evangelist for Telerik's Test Studio. He has worked in software support and testing for the better part of two decades, and enjoys exploring ways to make software easier to use. Steven is a fan of movies and music, and spends more time on Twitter than is likely healthy.

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