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Test Studio R4 2014 SP1

February 11, 2015

Test Studio R4 2014 SP1 (v. 2014.4.1411)

  • Recording:
        - Chrome and Firefox recording improvements building verifications; added Style verification
        - New UI for specific point selection recording actions, added ability to select relative location
        - Step Builder headers for improved usability
        - Chrome and Firefox: Implemented highlighting for "Edit in Live" from Elements Explorer and "Validate" from Find Expression Builder
        - Silverlight: New ComboBoxItem.TextContent verification
        - Highlighting in HTML: Added Html Table translators (IE only)
  • Elements Explorer:
        - "UsedBy" lists the tests persisting data for "independent" elements (those not related to particular codeless steps)
        - Delete operates over independent elements as well
        - Delete and Rename of independent elements warns for possible compilation problems listing the related tests
        - Filter by Active Test performs significantly faster (new optimized algorithm)
  • JIRA bug tracker:
        - Extended support for issue's custom field so that TS can submit bugs for projects with custom fields set as required
        - Error handling extracts details of the problem to point the user to the actual issue

- Find Expression Builder: Test step description not updated after splitting element
- Framework: API reference is outdated
- Framework HTML: HtmlControl.IsEnabled does not return correct value for disabled elements against HTML5 applications
- Framework Chrome: Memory leak in playback
- Framework Chrome: Unable to set cookies (Chrome playback extension from Web Store, version 2014.2.618.8 or later required)
- Framework Firefox: Real click/type does nothing finding incorrect element intermittently
- Framework Firefox: Invoke JavaScript failure with SyntaxError: "missing ) after argument list"
- Elements Explorer: "Edit Element" operation makes Elements Explorer acting weird - improved usability
- Elements Explorer: Wrong element is shown selected in EE for test step with data-bound element
- Execution Chrome: Exception using Run Selected Steps in Chrome for customer application (Chrome Playback extension from Web Store, version 2014.2.618.6 or later required)
- Execution Chrome: Navigate step times out for customer site (Chrome Playback extension from Web Store, version 2014.2.618.7 or later required)
- Execution Command Line: Possible hang extracting project elements on certain customer environments
- Execution Logical Steps: Execution log loop counter doesn't respect the current iteration
- Execution Data Driven: Data extraction scenario broken for Download Dialog handler (IE and Firefox).
- Execution Data Driven: Data extraction scenario broken for Download Dialog in Chrome.
- Execution Data Driven: Data extraction fails for Propmt Dialog action handler
- Execution Data Driven: Data-driven child test execution report is missing
- Help View: User Guide shortcut fails with the latest online documentation platform
- Recorder Chrome & Firefox: Unable to add second step from the Step Builder unless element is selected again
- Recorder Chrome & Firefox: Add Step from Step Builder breaks dropdowns updating other fields
- Recorder Chrome & Firefox: Unable to select specific point unless LocateInDom is triggered first
- Recorder Chrome & Firefox: The identification logic order is not honoured in the cases of nested find clauses (Chrome Recorder extension from Web Store, version 2014.4.1211.2 or later required)
- Recorder Chrome & Firefox: Mouse clicks on some elements are not being recorded (Chrome recorder extension from Web Store, version 2014.4.1211.5 or later required)
- Recorder Chrome & Firefox: Ampersand is recorded in the find logic as '&' instead of '&amp'
- Recorder Chrome: Popup recording got broken with the latest Chrome 39 patch
- Recorder Chrome: Popup highlighting returns incorrect DOM in Chrome 40
- Recorder Chrome: Highlighting and recording steps is quite difficult for specific customer application (Chrome Recorder extension from Web Store, version 2014.4.1211.3 or later required)
- Recorder Chrome: Step Builder is not populated in Chrome unless Locate in DOM is selected
- Recorder Element Menu: Menu remains visible even if the mouse pointer is away from it
- Recorder Element Menu: Menu unexpectedly reopens after adding verification step
- Recorder Element Menu: The menu appears partly hidden the first time highlighting a near-the-window-edge element
- Recorder Firefox: Additional step is incorrectly recorded handling a confirm dialog
- Recorder Firefox: Handle propmt dialog action is recorded incorrectly in Firefox
- Recorder IE: "Enter Text" step for HTML5 Input Search element is not updated during recording
- Recorder HTML: Highlighting is misplaced for specific area in customer application
- Recorder HTML: Highlighting does not return correct element in some scenarios (Html table vs table cell)
- Recorder HTML: Select element verification ByIndex does no update the actual value during recording
- Recorder Highlighting: Child/Parent hierarchy fails in case of matching elements tag name
- Recorder Silverlight: Highlighting does not point to correct element in Silverlight
- Recorder Silverlight: Selecting hidden elements in the DOM Explorer can cause unhandled exception breaking the recorder (drop down popup scenario)
- Recorder Silverlight: TextBlocks in a popup are not being highlighted in a customer application
- Recorder WPF: Selected element in the DOM Explorer doesn't get highlighted in the application
- Recorder WPF: Attaching recorder to customer application fails with NullReference exception
- Recorder WPF: Step Builder is not populated selecting currently hidden elements (drop down popup scenario)
- Recorder WPF: WPF Open dialog with custom title is not recorded correctly
- Results View: Selected test result not persisted switching between views
- Results View: Selected test result not persisted switching forward and back from steps (unnecessary scrolling to top of the list)
- Test Explorer: Dialog handling is not setup executing selected steps
- Test Explorer: Creating test as step with multiple logical steps results in error "Unexpected error occurred: No collection"
- Tests View Ribbon: Test Ribbon Options are incorrectly disabled switching to Elements Explorer

  • Recording:
        - DOM Explorer disables elements which one cannot automate
        - DOM Explorer search filters by selected host (Silverlight App or IFrame scenarios)
        - DOM Explorer search results are ordered by elements absolute tag index

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