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Test Studio R4 2014

December 11, 2014

Test Studio R4 2014 (v. 2014.4.1211)

- Unified Web (cross-browser) and WPF recorder:

- Common start-up experience, highlighting, element menu, DOM/Elements tree and Actions/Verifications builder, annotation 
- Performance improvements in DOM/elements tree explorer
- New verifications builder
- Dock/unlock the recording window
- Add multiple elements at once
- (New for Chrome and Firefox) Refined custom coordinates and element selection experience for desktop/drag and drop actions 

- Chrome 38 & 39 compatibility - recording and playback of popups and dialogs (Chrome extensions published to Chrome Web Store as well)
- Test list runs are initialized faster (both running from Test Studio and Command Line Runner - optimized elements extraction)
- Visual Studio: Improved performance of opening/closing tests
- Framework Window.GetBitmap() (Image Capturing in Test Studio) optimized to run faster
- Open project on double click of respective Settings.aiis file.

- Recorder:

- Chrome and Firefox no longer inject UI in tested application
- Windows Safari is no longer supported (recording only)
- IE address bar navigation recording is no longer supported
- 3D View UI got obsolete and removed
- Highlighting from DOM explorer depends on the recorder highlighting state only
- Freeze mode (IE and WPF) is deprecated.

- Execution Manual Steps: Step Failure UI is updated for manual step info for consistency with test lists
- Configure WPF: Unhandled exception in the UI selecting already specified application from different location
- Convert to Code: SetText step in HTML converted to code fails due to missing clear text action
- Dialog Handling: IE 9 Crashes with System.AccessViolationException after handling Save As dialog in Silverlight application
- Dialog Handling: OnBeforeUnload specific page dialog is not handled in IE11
- Dialog Handling: Download dialog handler ignoring data-binding in IE and FF
- Dialog Handling: Prompt dialog handling ignores text data-binding
- Dialog Handling Chrome: Unable to handle Confirm and OnBeforeUnload dialogs in Chrome 38
- Elements Explorer: renaming element allows providing same name of 2 elements under the same page node
- Execution Logical Steps: FailureInfo is missing in the exported results Excel file if the failure step is a Wait one and it is nested in IF/Else statement
- Execution Manual Steps: Manual step failure comment is displayed twice in the log
- Execution Quick Exe: ArtOfTestConnector error after opening DB with IE execution on specific Win81 environment
- Execution Web: "Wait for visible" occasional failure with ArgumentException: Tag collection is either empty or has less elements than the element occurrence requested
- Find Expression Builder: Possible unhandled exception changing element and saving changes
- Framework Chrome: Connect to popup times out in latest Chrome 38 (Chrome Playback Extension v2014.3.618.4 published to Chrome Web Store)
- Framework Chrome: Closing popup in Chrome 38 also closes the parent browser
- Framework Chrome: Hosts.Manager unhandled exception launching Danish Chrome 
- Framework Internet Explorer: Occasional ApplicationException launching IE
- Framework Silverlight: Unexpected scrolling simulating user typing text in inputs
- Framework WPF: Exception setting Element.Color.
- Framework WPF: Failure to locate RadTimeBar's SelectionVisibilityIndicator element
- Framework WPF: Wrong click in a WPF application for RightScrollButton 
- Load Testing: Load test does not work with self signed certificate
- Project Explorer: Cut/Paste of tests used as Steps in other tests, this breaks the parent child relation 
- Project Explorer: Searching test in project explorer lists the empty folders
- Recording Chrome: Problems recording https sites
- Recording Chrome: Hosts.Manager unhandled exceptions
- Recording Chrome: Connecting to Confirm and OnBeforeUnload dialogs in Chrome 38 is not recorded
- Recording Chrome: Recorder is not properly connected to popups (Chrome Recorder Extension v2014.2.618.5 published to Chrome Web Store)
- Recording Firefox: UI of tested application (IFrames) gets corrupted after RunToHere
- Recording IE: The identification logic order is not honored in the cases of nested elements for IE
- Recording Image Verification: Incorrect image capturing takes the recorder nub failing on playback
- Recording KendoUI: Hierarchical KendoUI Grid translator does not detect children count
- Recording WPF: Customer application styles make the recorder UI text unreadable
- Results View: Incorrect total step count for data-driven test results
- Scheduling: Ghost run results added to database if the execution manager cannot find the test list or machine to execute on.
- Test Explorer: Unexpected scrolling for specific actions for tests with many steps
- Test Explorer: Converting coded steps to Test As Step results in NullReferenceException
- Test Lists: Paging issue in Scheduling Test List wizard
- Tests View: Test as Step dialog missing the double-click to select
- Tests View: Name field missing focus on Test as Step dialog launch
- Tests View: Closing inactive test tab stops execution and incorrectly cleans up property grid
- Visual Studio: Switching to Storyboard or Data throws unhandled exception
- Visual Studio: Test is not built automatically upon quick execution
- Visual Studio: Closing WPF tests memory leaks
- Visual Studio: Unnecessary elements regeneration on open/close scenarios
- Visual Studio: Out of Browser recording in Visual Studio throws exception

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