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Release History

Test Studio R3 2021

November 3, 2021

Test Studio R3 2021 (v. 2021.3.1103)


  • Docker Containers Support: Execute Test Studio headless Chrome tests inside containers.

  • Improved Test Studio UI layout management. Added the ability to create and use multiple custom layouts.

  • Added new WPF TextBlock text descriptor to improve 'pure' text extracting from complex in-line children and data-bound objects.

  • New and improved error handling for automatic upload to Storage Service.


  • UI: Deleting project items from Test Studio will now move them to the 'RecycleBin' instead of permanently deleting them.

  • UI: Set default Test Studio layout to 'Compact'.

  • UI: 'Execute' test button will now be disabled if the test has no steps.

  • Browsers: Improved EdgeChromium, Chrome and Firefox underlying communication synchronization for better reliability.

  • WPF: Added new 'TextBlock' text descriptor in order to improve 'pure' text extracting from complex in-line children and data bound objects.


  • Dialogs: Added dialogs support for Chrome v.94.

  • Dialogs: On certain machines, LogOn dialog(IE, Edge) is not handled because password typing will not type the full password.

  • Execution: Failure screen-shot and DOM missing for test result generated from a remote run on a data-driven test.

  • Execution: 'Run Selected' with close pop-up step closing the browser.

  • Scheduling: Failure to upload test list to the database after connecting to source control or project refresh.

  • Scheduling: Renaming Test List not updating the name of the recurring scheduled run.

  • WPF: Fixed connect and highlight issues in specific customer apps.

  • WPF: The Testing Framework not parsing Uid that contain ':'.

  • Recording: Intrinsic verifications are now visible for basic HTML controls.

  • Browsers: EdgeChromium recorder crashes Test Studio when closing browser while a download is in progress.

  • Browsers: 'GetCookies' returning default properties for everything except 'Name' and 'Value'.

  • Browsers: Potential problems with specific applications which have checks for prototype override of native JS functions.

  • UI: Results Viewer crashing upon click on Resolve FindExpression warning.

  • Licensing: Automatic License Deactivation does not work after the latest licensing service changes in October 2021.

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