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Release History

Test Studio R3 2020 SP1

December 9, 2020

Test Studio R3 2020 SP1 (v. 2020.3.1209)


  • Added "New version available" notification in the status bar

  • Added Dark Theme support to Visual Studio 2017


  • Browsers: Download dialog now works with latest EdgeChromium 87
  • Browsers: Chrome/EdgeChromium 87 execution with pop-ups is not working - closes entire browser
  • Browsers: Chrome and EdgeChromium 87 are shown as not calibrated because of 3rd party cookies setting change
  • Browsers: EdgeChromium restore calibration settings not working properly
  • Browsers: Prevent Chrome restore pages dialog from appearing after browser randomly crashes
  • Coded Steps: Converting to code a 'Click' step against HtmlInputFile control only works properly for Firefox
  • UI: Fix Dark/Light theme ActiPro Editor Find window
  • Load Tests: Special characters are now encoded in URL query when using extracted strings from a dynamic source
  • Product Stability: Random crash in 'Element Editor' view
  • Product Stability: Specific crash in ResultsViewer when closing the Step Failure Details window with OK
  • Project Settings: Wrong hyperlink for translators documentation
  • Recording: Problem preventing WPF and Internet Explorer processes to close in recording session
  • Recording: Advanced Recording Tool verifications like content, attributes and style do not get value for selected
  • Recording: Advanced Recording Tools window size and position is reset to default in specific use case
  • Visual Studio: VS 2017/2019 error trying to data bind step from 'Properties' window
  • Test Studio for APIs UI: Product crash when opening the response of a specific request


  • Browsers: Changed default 'Click' and 'SetText' actions behavior to use real actions for newly created projects
  • Browsers: Changed default 'ScrollTo' action from "WindowsTop" to "ElementCenter"
  • Removed "Quality Center" plug-in from Test Studio. Please contact our support if you want to use this feature
  • Removed Silverlight Out-of-Browser recording and execution. Please contact our support if you want to use this feature

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