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Release History

Test Studio R3 2020

November 10, 2020

Test Studio R3 2020(v.2020.3.1110)


  • New Recorder - Test Studio's recorder has been reworked to simplify and improve the end-user experience, boost element highlighting/selection performance and translator recognition logic speed.

  • Blazor support - Added and/or improved the recording and execution for the following Kendo Blazor controls:
      • DropDownList
      • ComboBox
      • Drawer
      • Grid
      • ListView
      • MultiSelect
      • TabStrip
      • TextBox
      • Window

  • Dark Theme – Choose between the ‘Light’ and the new ‘Dark’ user interface theme mode via the Project Settings menu.

  • Scheduling: Added MongoDB status reporting in the UI.


  • Dialogs: Added support for the latest Edge Chromium download dialog.
  • Dialogs: Fixed an issue with 'onBeforeUnload' handling in Chrome and Edge Chromium.
  • UI: Fixed an issue with 'Recent Projects' list not being properly updated.
  • Load: Fixed 'Post' data issues related to 'Dynamic Target' not being set during execution.
  • Load: Fixed URL 'Dynamic Target' bind to be resolved in the succeeding requests.
  • Find Expressions: Fixed an issue that was causing particular user-inputted expression to be treated as 'data-bound'.
  • Fixed CaptureBrowser() on Firefox with Windows 10 version 2004 now working as expected

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