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Release History

Test Studio R3 2019 SP2

February 5, 2020

Test Studio R3 2019 SP2(v. 2019.3.1405)


  • Support for the official Edge Chromium browser. Note that once you have the new Edge Chromium, you will not be able to automate the old deprecated Edge

  • Ability to preserve the state of opened tests on Test Studio restart

  • Import specific settings from another project (settings include Base URL, element find logic, translators, etc.)

  • Translator optimization option for faster Recording experience

  • Project Settings - added group select/deselect of translators

  • Аbility to change console session resolution of Test Studio Test Runner

  • Export load test summary result to HTML

  • New ScrollToVisible to window center option introduced for action steps


  • Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta is no loger supported. Please install the official stable release of Edge Chromium

  • Test Studio UI: Project settings UI changes in options between groups

  • Recording: Auto switch off translators groups if the technology is not used in the loaded page

  • Load testing: Redesign load test run view

  • Test Results: Improved UX of TestExplorer failed step result and single click introduced


  • Browser Calibration: Add calibration option for Internet Explorer to not show "protected mode is turned off" message

  • Bug Tracking integration: Jira cloud connection is not working from remote machine

  • Configure Services UI: Trim automatically all the input fields in Configure Test Studio Services dialog

  • Data Binding: Validation for local data column name cannot start with '('

  • Data Binding: Data binding supports columns with special symbols

  • Data Binding: removing Data Bind not properly resetting test's properties

  • Element Find Logic: Fixed wrongly formated js string in GetElementByIdClientSideLocator

  • Element Images: Increased default value of 'Image search delay' setting to 300 ms.

  • Element Images: Default element image data uses threshold setting

  • Element validation: Highlight element when Validate from elements explorer not working

  • Execution: IE will throw exceptions when scrolling with highlighting enabled

  • Executive Dashboard: Fix status for not-run tests in Test Results view

  • Load testing: Cookie Name and Value should be the first non attribute pair in SetCookie header

  • Load testing: Test Studio instance can be closed without saving the modified dynamic targets

  • Recording: Firefox recorder scrolls page vertically to middle of page when loading

  • Recording: Improve the stability and optimize recording performance in Chrome, Firefox and Edge Chromium browsers

  • Recording: IE performance problems when recording and highlighting is enabled on some pages

  • Scheduling: Check for JS errors step not working on remote execution

  • Scheduling: Configure scheduling crashes when wrong IP is entered for Storage Service Location

  • Scheduling: Local scheduled runs and remote runs throw exception and do nothing in specific cases

  • Stability fixes: Crash if you attempt to add TextContent node as shown in the recording DOM as element

  • Stability fixes: Crash when closing project and removing more than one open Firefox browsers

  • Stability fixes: Crash when you add step in specific case

  • Stability fixes: Crash trying to validate from browser element image for element without image

  • Stability fixes: Crash when you paste a step in test explorer in specific case

  • Stability fixes: Occasional crashes when launching new JS browers

  • Stability fixes: Quick execution runner and Test List runner are closed when TestStudio process is terminated/crashed

  • Test Studio log: removed CodeService nulrreference exception when opening project without code language defined

  • Test Studio UI: Calibration help links updated

  • Test Studio UI: Image search delay changes are persisted in Project Settings

  • Test Studio UI: Fix tips and tricks guidance to be responsive to main window

  • Translators: Descriptors from same Blazor translator generate same elements

  • VS Plugin: VS 2017/2019 not loading Test Studio plug-ins in some cases

  • VS Plugin: Edge Chromium execution crashes VS

  • API Testing: API Studio will crash if you perform a specific verification

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