Test Studio

Release History

Test Studio R3 2019 SP1

October 30, 2019

Test Studio R3 2019 SP1(v. 2019.3.1030)


  • Ability to set the number of Test List Results displayed in the Executive Dashboard

  • Added support for recording and execution with the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) Beta

  • Load Testing: Added Guidance Help in design view of the load test


  • Browser support: Fixed Chrome 78 Alert, Prompt and Download dialogs handling

  • Browser support: OnBeforeUnload dialog not handled in Chrome 77

  • Browser support: Fixed typo in ChromeArguments

  • Bug tracking: Changed password label with proper hint in Jira bug tracking setup

  • Element Explorer: Do not display image preview for non-element nodes like pages and frames

  • Executive Dashboard: Executive Dashboard URL not resolved by IP address and host name

  • Executive Dashboard: Opening Not Run Test as Steps results throws exception

  • GIT Integration: Don't show validation error on empty Branch Name, only button is disabled

  • GIT integration: Show different messages on Push, depending on the availability of the command

  • Image Search: Run to step scrolls the page even Scroll on image search setting is disabled

  • Image Search: Random behavior of Image for an element recorded with the highlighting

  • Image Search: Fixed threshold slider to not look like it is enabled

  • Image Search: Find On Page does not prompt notification when an element is found

  • Load testing: Data binding Load test two steps with the same field name is not possible

  • Load testing: Added wattermark text and help link button that explains custom dynamic target destination field name

  • Load UI: Redesigned Add Custom Goal Dialog

  • Recording: Fixed Internet Explorer random errors in the JavaScript when recording

  • VS plugin: ShowTopDialog when failing to validate steals keyboard in New Project Dialog in VS2019

  • VS Plugin: When exporting Test Studio project to VS 2017/2019 test lists folder is automatically included in the project

  • VS Plugin: Changed error message when trying to add Test List in not allowed folder

  • VS plugin: Updated VS test list help links

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