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Release History

Test Studio R3 2019

October 2, 2019

Test Studio R3 2019 (v. 2019.3.1002)


  • Executive Dashboard Service for displaying Run Results in Web Browser, accesible from Desktop and Mobile devices

  • Blazor Applications Support

  • Telerik UI for Blazor support - custom translators for easier access and automation

  • Improved code editor - search, replace, comment, uncomment options added

  • Test Lists in Test Studio Dev Edition (VS plugin) - Visual Studio 2017/2019 support for creating and executing Test Studio test lists

  • Option for selecting Images as a primary Element identification

  • Load Testing - Ability to define shared variables for custom headers

  • Guidance help in Test Studio ribbon for Load tests


  • Data Binding: Local data file can get locked when changing data source for a test

  • Data Binding UI: Changing the data source does not update view to show new columns

  • Element Images: Corrupted .imgstore file causes System.IO.InvadilDataException when adding step from Step Builder

  • Execution: WaitForExists step fails with wrong exception

  • Licensing: Welcome view Check for Update not working if you uncheck the search setting

  • Load testing: Exception when editing Custom Dynamic targets for a customer project

  • Performance UI: Possible Out of Memory exception when pressing Configure Performance button multiple times

  • Performance UI: Performance counters not saved in specific case pressing OK button without Save first

  • Test Explorer: Encrypting password input does not cover the input text in the expanded step

  • TFS Integration: Revert doesn't update the test and code files in a renamed folder

  • Visual Studio integration: Generating Unit Test in VS 2019 creates broken unit test

  • Visual Studio integration: Test Studio Trial license prompt in Visual Studio 2019 prevents typing in the VS native windows

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