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Release History

Test Studio R3 2018

October 4, 2018

Test Studio R3 2018 (v. 2018.3.1004)


  • Added Screen Recording option in Test Lists to generate videos of the test runs

  • New Test List execution option to re-run failed tests for local and remote runs (Rerun Failed Tests)

  • Keep Machine Awake option implemented in Execution Client to ensure machine is not locked

  • Reconnect To Console On Disconnect option implemented in Execution Client when remote session is disconnected

  • New option implemented for JS Browser dialogs matches to be configurable and updated independently from the product

  • Added ability to verify JS console errors in browsers

  • Find.All method to support expressions that have a hierarchal dependency

  • Scheduling: Persist notification settings per project after sending an Email for Scheduled Runs

  • Support for latest Visual Studio 2017 updates up to 15.8.6

  • New Firefox and Chrome execution extensions for 2018.3 published in Web Stores

  • Local test list execution closes all running selected execution browsers before the run option (KillBrowsersBeforeStart)

  • Implemented the ability to change the whole URL in the upcoming requests to handle redirects in Load Tests

  • Extend the Custom Dynamic Target feature in Load Tests with partial search in Headers and Cookie to get values from the source step

  • Support for Firefox ESR


  • API Test as Step: Execution fails when variables contain spaces

  • Browsers: Firefox 60 calibration fix for Download dialog

  • Browsers: Fixing JS Browsers highlighting when selecting elements from the Elements Explorer

  • Browsers: Locate in DOM from Elements Explorer context menu doesn't work in JS Browsers

  • Browsers: Annotations in browsers are misaligned on scaled monitors

  • Browsers: execution of simulate real click step does not work on scaled monitors

  • Browsers: problem with SetCookie in Firefox

  • Browsers: Capture browser step does not work properly with maximized Chrome on second monitor

  • Browsers: Chrome 68 execution fails for Alert, Confirm and Prompt dialogs

  • Coded Steps: Copy and paste of coded steps is not working if the code is modified externally

  • Execution Client: 'Run on startup' option in Win7 sets wrong value for the registry key

  • Execution Client: Load Agent and Controller are shown as not finalized in Test Studio Test Runner UI

  • Find Expression Builder: Filter Suggestions show dropdown for element query type

  • Framework: Find by Content fails

  • Framework: Find by NodeIndexPath fails

  • Load Test UI: Field type Url not displayed in Custom Dynamic Targets

  • Load Test UI: user labels in load test settings are not shown correctly

  • Licensing: fixed problem in Runtime edition license check opening Visual Studio

  • Load Test UI: product crashes trying to open Load test profile with missing datasource

  • Project Settings: fix product error on fresh install when no notification settings are available

  • Recording: fix for specific problem in merging elements during Firefox recording

  • Recording: IE crashes while recording against customer application with iFrames

  • Recording: Element is scrolled to bottom on every record action in JS recorders

  • Recording: Run from here/Run selected opening Popup doesn't update DOM in JS recorders

  • Source Control Integration: manually adding a file (test or code) to the project folder not added to source control

  • Source Control Integration: Add Existing Code File in a source-controlled project does not create a pending change for the code file

  • Translators: Ajax DatePicker translator step execution problem fixed

  • VS plugin: VS 2017 freeze when opening resolve failure dialog

  • VS plugin: adding API test as step throws error

  • WPF: execution of real click steps and annotations in WPF applications on scaled monitors

  • WPF: Special character in WPF window caption not escaped in Pages.g.cs

  • Test Studio for APIs: API Test fails to execute any third consecutive request to the same domain

  • Test Studio for APIsAPI execution returns error when a single non-http step is executed after a GET http request


  • Scheduling Client Execution tab UI

  • Disable DPI awareness of all Test Studio executables to fix scaling issues

  • Offsets of recorded desktop clicks for specific controls like audio and video players

  • The Uid property in element wrappers is changed to string

  • Log the whole exception when SmtpClient.SendAsync fails during Scheduling Send Mail operation

  • Persist changed MongoDB executable path in Scheduling Configuration

  • ArtOfTest.Runner help file updated and show log error if parsing of Config file fails

  • Close all Firefox running instances before execution/recording with that browser

  • Load Test: display all added dynamic targets (automatic and custom) in the load step binding parameters list

  • Test Studio C# Demo project for NUnit

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