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Release History

Test Studio R3 2017 SP1

December 6, 2017

Test Studio R3 2017 SP1 (v. 2017.3.1206)

- Support for multiple high resolution displays with different scale factors. Test Studio Web and WPF Recording and Execution will work as expected on any Windows scale factor and with multiple monitors setup

- Support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update(1709)

Web and Desktop
- Web Testing: Firefox calibration is not setting one of the manual calibration options. [Feedback 226863]
- Web Testing: Recorder will not attach to Firefox 57 if you have a running instance of the browser
- Web Testing: Connect to Popup step fails when executed against Edge in Windows 10 Creators Update [Feedback 226382]
- Web Testing: Download dialog in Edge in Win 10 build 1703 inconsistent behavior
- Web Testing: Logon dialog not handled in Edge on Windows 10 build 1703
- Web Testing: Alert, Confirm and Prompt dialogs not handled in Win version 1709
- Web Testing: Edge on windows 10 build 1703 fails on closing modal popup
- Web Testing: Security message in Chrome not closing on scaled display
- WPF Testing: Predefined element WPF.TextBox type text step throws null reference exception
- Jira Integration: Fix for Jira TLS 1.2 support
- TFS Integration: Crash when TFS is not found and remove binding is denied
- TFS Integration: Test Studio will crash if you attempt to connect to TFS 2017 with empty collections string
- Test Studio UI: Application log is not formatted correctly

Test Studio for APIs
- Test Studio for APIs Stanalone crashes because of a missing library. Added reference to Telerik.TestingFramework.Interop
- The assembly reference to mscorlib is wrongly labeled as "System" in Project Properties
- Assembly references from GAC are loaded with 32 bit architecture instead of 64 bit

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