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Test Studio R3 2016

September 28, 2016

Test Studio R3 2016 (v. 2016.3.928)

    * Angular Automation: Improved handling of set text actions for Angular inputs depending on OnInput JS event
    * Elements Explorer: Elements extraction progress reporter
    * Elements Explorer: Improved performance in loading elements for large projects
    * Help UI: New UI/UX with drop down menu and application for Help options
    * JavaScript Events: Added OnInit event option for InvokeEvent step  
    * Microsoft Edge: Support for latest WebDriver download experience on Windows 10 Anniversary Update
    * Microsoft Edge: Support for latest Edge dialogs on Windows 10 Anniversary Update
    * Mobile: Message Server connectivity status displayed inside Test Studio Mobile
    * Recent projects: Added delete item option
    * Scheduling: Performance on upload and download (Storage, TFS) during execution has been improved
    * Source Control: Option (project items' context menu) to remove source control binding for Git and TFS
    * UI memory usage decreased in Test Studio application and recording scenarios
    * Web Recorder Startup Experience: Navigate URL from Test Studio UI is passed on recording for all browsers, added auto-complete and recent URLs functionality
    * Mobile: Hybrid apps support for Android
    * Mobile: iOS 10 Support
    * Mobile: Android 7 support for Native and Hybrid apps
    * Mobile: NativeScript support
    * Mobile: Enhanced DOM explorer for Mobile Web
    * Test Studio for APIs: Fiddler integration - ability to import Fiddler *.saz files and use requests from them to create new test steps
    * Test Studio for APIs: Now showing the last sent raw request, not only the received  one
    * Test Studio for APIs: Source Variable Autocomplete - In the Source Variable field (Set Variable and Verification actions) we now display live list with all variables that are available at the current moment
    * Test Studio for APIs: Ability to format the body of both requests and responses this way showing proper formatting for JSON and XML
     * Test Studio for APIs: New validations for HTTP Response output with string operation - Does Not Contain, Does Not Start With, Does Not End With, Does     Not Match Regex validation
    * Test Studio for APIs: Check for updates - the user will be notified inside the product when a new version is available for download.

- Calibration Chrome: Browser calibration for Zoom level is not working for Chrome
- Calibration MS Edge: Edge setting block popups not included for calibration
- Command Line Runner: FileNotFoundException using environment variables in WPF execution
- Dialogs Recording: Handle dialog step for download dialog is recorded even if the recording is paused
- Dialogs Recording: Handle download dialog step is recorded in Internet Explorer even if the recording is paused
- Dialogs Recording: Download dialog save path is empty in IE at random
- Edge Automation: Multiple native dialogs handling (alert, confirm, prompt) doesn't work in Edge
- Edge Automation: Execution hangs as Not Responding against Sitefinity dashboard
- Edge Automation: isChecked verification fails in Edge (InvokeScript problem in frames)
- Elements Explorer: Merging specific elements from pages with empty CompareURL throws exceptions and elements are missing in the tree
- Elements Explorer: Refreshing elements on large project may hang Test Studio
- Elements Explorer: Element explorer UI may hang on deleting a test
- Elements Explorer: Edit in Live does not highlight element in Chrome and Firefox recorder
- Execution: Serializable attribute throws an exception during execution
- Execution API: ExecutionContext.ExecutingTestAsStep does not work for nested test as steps
- Execution Logical Steps: Data-bound FileUpload step within IF statement doesn't work properly
- Execution Test Lists: Incorrect browsers settings in multi-browser execution
- Execution WPF: Delay executing WPF tests
- Execution WPF: Test Studio cannot identify one of two WPF windows in a customer specific application
- Find Expression Builder: Cannot connect to live for already attached Chrome or Firefox recorder
- Find Expression Builder: Validate does not highlight element in Chrome and Firefox recorder
- Firefox Automation: "TypeError: historyService.removeAllPages is not a function" error in Firefox 48.0 ClearBrowserCache (ClearHistory) step
- Framework Web: CheckBox and RadioButton Check actions does not work correctly (for Chrome please update to latest Web Store recording and playback extensions)
- Internet Explorer Automation: Select step in dropdown triggers OnChange twice in IE
- Internet Explorer Automation: Invoke OnBlur fails with exception in IE
- Load Testing: Load result statistics table columns too wide and hard to operate
- Manual Testing: Text cursor is not visible in the Manual Test Notes panel
- Output Panel: Info is not cleared on project close
- Project Explorer: Incorrect progress message in case of test with code-behind
- Project Explorer: Tests load progress report service leaks memory when changing projects
- Recent Projects: Demo Project is not added to recent projects after creation
- Recent Projects: Open project by double click on settings file in windows explorer does not add it to the recent projects list
- Recording: General memory leaks in all recorders - Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, WPF
- Recording: Memory leak specific to recording of popup windows
- Recording Chrome: Chrome hangs while loading the DOM explorer when opening a popup window (Chrome Recorder extension updated in Web Store)
- Recording Chrome: Chrome recorder initializes recording extension twice when RunToHere is used (Chrome Recorder extension updated in Web Store)
- Recording Chrome: Either DOM is not loaded or highlighting does not work when loading big sites
- Recording Chrome: Unable to load the DOM in Chrome recording for specific customer application (Chrome Recorder and Playback extensions updated in Web Store)
- Recording Chrome: Possible unhandled exception navigating to popups
- Recording Chrome and Firefox: Highlighting scrolls to top and makes recording not possible
- Recording Chrome and Firefox: FileUpload dialog recording empty path on Enter key press
- Recording Chrome and Firefox: Download dialog recording empty path on Enter key press
- Recording WPF: Specific customer application crashes on recording
- Results View: Deleting all project results may lead to unhandled exception
- Scheduling: Scheduling data-driven test with '.' symbol in data table column name fails
- Scheduling: Execution server silently fails if it cannot connect to TFS for running TFS connected project
- Scheduling: Exception during remote run blocks scheduling setup and hangs execution
- Scheduling: Can't reach remote executor errors incorrectly failing the run
- Scheduling: Emails have different timestamps in notifications compared to the attached word/excel files
- Scheduling: Test resourse files (.resx) incorrectly uploaded to and downloaded from storage slowing down execution
- Scheduling: Needlessly download from storage if the scheduled run is also going to get latest from TFS slows down execution
- Scheduling: Run with get latest from TFS uploads project to storage needlessly
- Scheduling: Incorrectly sending notification email if "on unexpected error" has been set in Notification Settings
- Scheduling: Scheduling execution errors are not clear in the log
- Source Control: Selecting Cancel from the Connect dialog does not cancel the operation
- Source Control: Get latest from source control creates duplicate elements tree in elements explorer
- Source Control Git: Push and Pull options are incorrectly enabled and do nothing if connected to local repo
- Source Control Git: Rename and revert to server version does not work correctly
- Source Control Git: Open from Git pushes the content of existing folder to the remote repo
- Source Control Git: When connection fails due to error 404, if the URL is corrected, connection fails again
- Source Control TFS: TFS project checkin does not respect project explorer selection
- Source Control TFS: TFS project changes and delete does not revert properly
- Source Control TFS: TFS project empty folder deleted and reverted does not refresh project explorer
- Source Control TFS: Deleting a file sets pending deletes recursively in the project for all files with same name
- Source Control TFS: Revert of deleted coded test breaks reload of code file
- Visual Studio: Error creating Web Site projects (Test Studio incorrectly attempted to create or load project out of Test Studio projects)
- Visual Studio: Exporting VB coded test throws "Unable to find the test class" error on execute in VS
- Visual Studio: Incorrect warning in VS removing a reference of an already deleted test
- Test Studio crashes on hitting Cancel button
- Mobile: Connected devices filter field filters by device ID
- Mobile: Test project is not loaded after DOM explorer pane is undocked.
- Mobile: A web test can be added to iOS and Android test lists using drag drop
- Mobile: Test List results are not removed from file system when tests have screenshot steps.
- Mobile: Test studio crashes on project exit with unsaved tests.
- Mobile: Step verification by id fails in Android test.
- Mobile: Web Proxy breaks because it requests some agent files locally and not from the proxy.
- Mobile: Mobile studio android extension crashes when instrumented application min SDK level is 23
- Mobile: Fix DomExplorer for Web elements

* Dialogs Recording: OnBeforeUnload dialog is now recorded as Confirm; StepBuilder option for OnBeforeUnload has been removed as well

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