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Test Studio R3 2015 SP1

January 14, 2016

Test Studio R3 2015 SP1 (v. 2015.3.1314)

- Product Notifications: Getting started helpers raised upon user actions
- Installer: Chrome Extensions are automatically loaded by Chrome on browser launch
- Settings: Exposed Preferred Browser, BaseUrl and CompareMode settings to Web tests
- Scheduling: Added EndTime option for recurring minute runs
- Scheduling: Setup for MongoDB connection string extended to check for invalid port values
- Exploratory Tool: Added clear option to reset a captured image
- Mobile: Coded steps inside tests
- Mobile: Ability to add and use standalone code files
- Mobile: Enable double click for "Select step" in Used By dialog.
- Mobile: Show the number of pass/fail/not executed tests in a tooltip for the Passed\Failed progress.
- Mobile: Double click on a test inside a Test list should open the test in a separate tab.
- Mobile: Add Rename option in the test steps context menu.
- Mobile: Open screenshots dialog or containing folder from the test lists results.
- Mobile: Add Edit button in TestExplorer.
- Mobile: Add Cut/Copy/Paste inside test list view
- Mobile: Add keyboard shortcuts for Record and Pause

- Coded Tests: Possible unhandled exception adding external reference for renamed project
- Command Line Runner: Missing to regenerate Pages.g file for element changes in tests (out of the code)
- Dialog Handling: OnBeforeUnload dialog is not handled when executing with Chrome
- Dialog Handling: DialogMonitor does not handle a WPF SaveAs dialog
- Dialog Handling: Failure to handle Chrome specific download dialog in a popup
- Element Properties: Adding special characters to element names is no longer possible from the properties too
- Elements Explorer: Active test filtering may not display all related elements after loading the test
- Execution Chrome: Tests that need Admin privileges may fail if Chrome has a background process still running
- Execution Chrome and Firefox: Element.Refresh() is throwing XmlException parsing specific client application HTML
- Execution IE: Run breaks with OutOfMemory exception in a customer specific application in Windows8/IE11
- Execution WPF: ComboBox Select Item step is timing out
- Find Expression Builder: Browse and Navigate with JS browsers and empty BaseUrl can lead to unhandled exception
- Framework: Element.Refresh() memory leak
- Framework WPF: Open and close of a WPF window leaks memory
- Licensing: SaaS incorrect detection of expiration date
- Load Results: Using arrow keys on Load Analyse Results may result in unhandled exception
- Project Explorer: Add existing test is replacing the test unique ID breaking test as step references
- Project Settings: Unable to add multiple project references at once
- Recording: Tab selection in Recording browser selection dialog can lead to unhandled exception
- Recording Chrome: Highlighting in Chrome fails on customer specific popup
- Recording Chrome: Cannot highlight elements in iframe in Chrome of customer specific application (please update the Chrome Recorder extension)
- Recording Chrome & Firefox: Edit html checkbox value when recorded with JS recorder throws exception
- Recording IE: Frames with explicit padding set breaks highlighting and populating frames' DOM
- Recording IE: IE11 crashes on load page for specific customer page
- Recording Silverlight: Possible unhandled exception in attempt to connect to SL application
- Recording WPF: Customer specific WPF app crashes on Highlight Element
- Results View: Possible OutOfMemoryException while parsing large run result files
- Scheduling: Execution extensions are not working on remote runs after product upgrade until rebuilt
- Scheduling: Command line runner fails to run a test list with external assembly
- Scheduling: Command line runner fails to upload load tests
- Scheduling: Executing with Scheduling CommandLine client prompts with error for missing class
- Scheduling: The Execution Server incorrectly displays Windows 10 machine as Windows 8
- Scheduling: Command line runner in 2015.3 fails to upload projects
- Scheduling: Image at time of failure and DOM tree for test with iterations is missing
- Scheduling: Manual Test List run result cannot be published to scheduling when prompted
- Scheduling: Saving Manual Run result prompts for publishing even if there is no scheduling service to connect to
- Scheduling: Remote performance runs with performance counters break perf result publishing
- Scheduling: Remote performance run of a DB test does not show any perf results in Detail Results View
- Scheduling: Remote performance run for multi browser execution only shows first run perf result
- Scheduling: Profiler configurations not updated on storage when changed
- Scheduling: Possible NullReference exception trying to schedule specific project
- Scheduling: Dynamic test list fails to execute if filtering tests by path containing white spaces
- Scheduling: Closing Remote Run dialog without actual run can lead to unhandled exception
- Silverlight & WPF: Specific tests containing Property Verification may fail to load with 2015.3 release
- Step Builder: WPF checkbox Checked step breaks the test if added from Step Builder
- Test Explorer: Resizing test steps pane causes the search field to hide buttons
- Test Explorer: Step properties are not updated on changing the step role or the logical verification
- Test Lists: Resizing the Description column in Test Lists Test's grid is not working
- Test Lists: Old test list name is displayed in test results after renaming
- Test Studio: New project is incorrectly marked as not saved
- Visual Studio: Excluding test from project deletes it from the file system
- Visual Studio: Opening a project when missing code behind and test causes unhandled exception for actions in the dialog
- Visual Studio: Updating elements with multiple references can get quite slow to make VS unresponsive
- Visual Studio: First run of coded test may fail due to missing project compilation
- Visual Studio: Playback of renamed coded test fails due to outdated class name
- Mobile: Improved connection error messages
- Mobile: Fixed a crash when message server port is taken and user tries to use USB devices
- Mobile: Android API method SetValue takes double
- Mobile: Step builder and Recorder for Android and iOS generate elements with the same description
- Mobile: MT: Add tooltip for the hide button on the different containers in the wpf app UI.
- Mobile: Mobile Studio - discrepancy between step name in the test editor and step properties for Rotate step.
- Mobile: Change the caption of the Cancel button in the test results filtering menu to Clear.
- Mobile: A redundant gesture step is recorded on UIButton tap in customer app.
- Mobile: In Test list results the Device column shows should show the device name for iOS devices.
- Mobile: Some Dialogs have no headers.
- Mobile: The icon for android tests indside the Test list editor is incorrect.
- Mobile: ControlType property value is not shown in the grid if the element is created by the recorder.
- Mobile: Crash when layout file is corrupted.
- Mobile: Element is not correctly merged to existing one if a step is created using the step builder.
- Mobile: Wrong value is set for ios device "Name" property in device properties.
- Mobile: We do not show warnings if a settings file is read-only and test studio does not have rights to change the file contents.
- Mobile: Illegal characters like /\* are allowed in create new test and create new test list dialogs.
- Mobile: Mobile testing app will crash if you attempt to add wait for proeprty value step with null check interval or timeout.
- Mobile: Add test dialog ocassionally shows twice.
- Mobile: Creating a test with name that exceeds the max name length succeeds.

- Test Studio ends support of .Net 4.0 projects, both in Visual Studio or via external references; please convert your VS/external projects to .Net 4.5 running this or future product version
- Settings: Moved Installation and Updates to Welcome Screen
- Settings: Reordered Project Settings View and merged settings from different screens
- Results View: Changed profile result option to be available for top level test results only
- Test Studio Export to VS: Includes folders when creating the VS project even if they don't have tests in

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