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Release History

Test Studio R2 2022

July 27, 2022

Test Studio R2 2022 (v. 2022.2.727)


  • Desktop Testing Beta - provides the most important bits and pieces for functional desktop testing, including the core test recording and execution functionality plus Element Repository and Test Lists, allowing you to build automated tests for your desktop applications.

  • New and improved welcome screen.

  • Edge Chromium extensionless recording/playback.

  • Edge Chromium headless support.

  • Latest version of Telerik Components wrappers/translators.


  • Recorder: crash on Ctrl+V or Ctrl+S.

  • Firefox: click offset when executed in test list.

  • Firefox: content rectangle coordinates when restored/maximized.

  • Chrome: problem with Chrome Headless hot fix updates.

  • WPF: problem with ArtOfTest.Connector_64.dll when recording/executing WPF test.


  • Default ScrollToVisibleType of AJAX input controls set to 'Center'.

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